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Naples 45: Skip the Neapolitan Pizza Here and Get Their New York–Style Slice Instead

VPN certification can only get you so far. Sure, you can meet the standards, but that still leaves plenty of room to really screw up a pizza. Naples 45 isn't worth visiting for its Naples-style pies. BUT WAIT! There is a take-out section that serves "New York–style pizza by the slice, seemingly as an afterthought. These slices are GREAT, and at $1.90 are a steal. More

Vittles Vamp on Naples 45

Vittles Vamp tells of a recent visit to Naples 45 and the price discrepancy between sit-down and carry-out ordering. The take-away: Order at the carry-out window.Naples 45: Closer to the Mafia Than You Might ThinkWe've eaten at Naples 45 and thought it was quite good. Excellent, really. But we agree with VV on the two-tiered pricing strategy. Hmmph. But that's Midtown: Just put it on the corporate account!Naples 45: In the MetLife Building, 200 Park Ave., New York NY 10166Phone: 212-972-7001Payment: Cash and cards accepted... More

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