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Pizza Obsessives: Sean Taylor, National Pizza Month Hero

I don't know how long ago it was that I met Sean Taylor online. It's been years, and yet this is the first time I've put him in the hot seat for the Pizza Obsessives treatment. Tsk on me. Every year since 2002 during October (National Pizza Month), Sean has been eating at a new-to-him pizzeria with a different dining companion each day. He documents it all on 31 Days of Pizza. We figured it was a good time to talk to him now that he's wrapped up this year's adventure. —The Mgmt. [Photograph: Sean Taylor/31daysofpizza.com] Name: Sean Taylor Location:... More

During October, National Pizza Month, Sean Taylor Celebrates Accordingly

Sean Taylor is a New York comedian and actor who, since 2002, has given over his October diet to National Pizza Month. That means 31 days of 31 slices from 31 different locations. Each daily check-in on his blog, 31 Days of Pizza, features video footage—basically him and his friends analyzing the chosen spot, sometimes with his camera running out of batteries—along with Taylor's written ratings on the pizza's value and flavor and the joint's ambiance and service. We hope Taylor is OK. He hasn't updated the site since last Thursday, October 9, though in past years this has been... More

31 Days of Pizza, Documented on Video

Holy slice! I don't even know where to begin with this one. Sean Taylor, actor, improv comedian, and "master of his own domain," is a true pizza freak. Each year in October, which is National Pizza Month, Taylor eats at a different pizzeria each day. This year he made videos at each place, and he recently finished the edits on the last one and put it online, completing the 2007 collection. This year's list is truly impressive and varied: Famiglia, Fornino, Arturo's, Naples 45, Sally's Apizza, Santarpio's, Frank Pepe, Lombardi's, Di Fara, John's, Lil' Frankie's, Luzzo's, Bella Via, L'Allegria, No.... More

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