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Snapshots From Pizza Town USA, 'America's Favorite Town' Since 1958

Robyn Lee 11 comments

Pizza Town USA is as good as it sounds, assuming you think it sounds awesome. Slice founder Adam Kuban reviewed Pizza Town USA three years ago, and aside from the prices, his positive review still holds up. More

Salugo in Verona, NJ Tries for Satisfying Gluten-Free Pizza

Casey Barber 1 comment

There's hope for gluten-free pizza lovers: Salugo Pizzeria's crispy GF crust is gussied up with high-quality toppings, from spicy sopressata to fresh, sautéed spinach. More

Morristown, NJ: Millie's Old World Unites Two Ovens Under One Roof

Casey Barber 3 comments

Millie's Old World, a snazzy new spot on Morristown's main drag, has not one, but two types of ovens. The first, a wood-fired import from Naples, is capable of churning out Neapolitan pizzas in 90 seconds flat; the second, a coal-burning oven, yields a chewier (but equally flavorful) crust. Why not pick just one style of pizza? According to Marlene Carrabba, mother of sibling owners Vince and Brandon, her boys each had a favorite and couldn't choose between the two. So, in true Jersey style, they went with both. More

Whitehouse Station, NJ: Fried Calamari and Crispy Crusts at La Casa Bianca

Casey Barber 6 comments

The pizza at La Casa Bianca in Whitehouse Station, NJ, boasts a bunch of special-ingredient toppings like broccoli rabe, fried calamari, and baby clams, but it's the brick oven-fired crust that gets top billing. More

Daily Slice: Pizza Rustica at Avellino's, East Hanover NJ

Daily Slice Casey Barber 3 comments

Looking for a classic example of pizza rustica (also known as Italian Easter bread or pizza gain)? You'll find a great specimen of the meaty, cheesy, eggy two-crust pie at Avellino's in East Hanover, NJ. More

Daily Slice: Plain-Jane Cheese at Coffaro's in South River, NJ

Daily Slice Casey Barber 2 comments

Coffaro's in South River, NJ, has been a community fixture for more than 60 years, but its basic cheese pie doesn't come with bells and whistles. More

Bradley Beach, NJ: Thin Crusts and Thin-Sliced Meatballs at Vic's

Casey Barber 9 comments

Vic's in Bradley Beach is a Jersey Shore institution, where regulars flock each summer for thin crust tomato pies loaded with homemade sliced meatballs or sausage. More

Daily Slice: The Sicilian at Nino's, Harrison NJ

Daily Slice Casey Barber 3 comments

If not the best in New Jersey, the Sicilian slice at Nino's in Harrison is most definitely in the top five. And I say that as someone who's not particularly a fan of the Sicilian style most days. More

Daily Slice: The Sausage Pie at Barcelona's, Garfield NJ

Daily Slice Casey Barber 5 comments

The pizzas at Barcelona's in Garfield, NJ, are a little too heavy on the cheese, but you can't beat the atmosphere or the price. More

Red Bank, NJ: Front St. Trattoria Rises to the Occasion

Casey Barber 8 comments

Front St. Trattoria in Red Bank has been packing 'em into its exposed-brick sliver of a restaurant for almost 30 years, and I suspect it's the superior bread and dough that keeps families coming back. More

Daily Slice: Pepperoni Roll at Paterson, NJ's Center City Pizza

Daily Slice Casey Barber 8 comments

Called to jury duty in Passaic County? Center City Pizza, adjacent to the courthouse, makes doing one's civic duty a bit more satisfying with super-stuffed pepperoni rolls. More

Marlton, NJ: Toppings Get Top Billing at Luigi's Pizza Fresca

Casey Barber 3 comments

Its slogan is "fresh ideas in pizza," and Luigi's Pizza Fresca delivers on that promise, with house-made sausage, creamy ricotta, and pizza toppings renowned throughout South Jersey. More

Daily Slice: The Campagnola at Springfield, NJ's Saporito

Daily Slice Casey Barber 4 comments

If you've ever been stuck in the rage-inducing stop-and-go traffic along northern Jersey's Route 22, I feel for you. I've been there, stuck with the glorious scenery of big box stores and chain fast food. But there's an oasis beyond the Raymours, Flanigans, and Paneras: Springfield's Saporito Pizza. More

Daily Slice: Baggio's, Fort Lee, NJ

Daily Slice Casey Barber 3 comments

Baggio's in Fort Lee is a neighborhood standby known for its thin crust pizza, but floppy, soggy crusts didn't stand up to its reputation. More

Neptune, NJ: Learning to Love Pete & Elda's Cracker-Thin Crust

Casey Barber 20 comments

Pete & Elda's in Neptune, NJ turns out huge pizzas with crusts as thin and crunchy as Carr's water crackers. It's an acquired taste, but makes for addictive lunch or late-night snacking. More

Daily Slice: Teresa Caffe, Princeton, NJ

Daily Slice Casey Barber 3 comments

The Perfetta at Princeton, NJ's Teresa Caffe is an Ivy League pizza on a student budget: a satisfyingly salty mix of prosciutto, grana padano, and farm-fresh arugula. More

Daily Slice: Prep's Pizza & Dairy Bar, Ocean City, New Jersey

Daily Slice Adam Kuban 8 comments

Like many of the Jersey Shore boardwalk pizzerias, Prep's Pizza & Dairy Bar is a family affair. Opened in 1965 by Joseph and Catherine Reuben, the pizzeria, whose mascot is a pizza-twirling, cone-toting dinosaur, is run by the couple's grandchildren now. More

Sam's Pizza Palace, Wildwood, New Jersey

Daily Slice Adam Kuban 8 comments

At Sam's Pizza Palace in Wildwood, New Jersey, you always get a slice hot from the oven because the place is always packed and slice-pie turnover is fierce. And I can't recall a time I ever stopped at a single slice. More

Daily Slice: Queen Margherita, Nutley, NJ

Daily Slice Casey Barber 5 comments

Queen Margherita's soft and pillowy crust is a delight to sink your teeth into, but watch out for the bony anchovies on the Marinara pie—they bite back. More

Mack's Pizza in Wildwood: The 'Bad Girl' of Jersey Shore Pizzerias

Adam Kuban 19 comments

I fell for Mack's Pizza not for the flavor (even though it's excellent) but for the style and the attitude. It's the bad girl of Jersey Shore pizzerias—Rizzo decked out in her shades, tight black dress, and pink jacket. More

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