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Pizza City Guide: A New Orleans Slice Crawl

Eric Leath 9 comments

Local slice shops aren't found on every street corner in New Orleans, but the city's volume of satisfying by-the-slice joints has dramatically increased in the last few years. We set out to find the best—see them all after the jump! More

First Look: Fast-Baking Wood-Fired Pizzas at Dolce Vita, in New Orleans

Eric Leath 2 comments

Ask Bogdan Mocanu if he is using his bright red Stefano Ferrara oven to make Neapolitan-style pizzas, and he will quickly tell you that the type is strictly his own. The oven alone drew me inside Mocanu's newly opened Dolce Vita to grab a menu; potentially finding a different style of pie was a compelling reason for an in-depth look. More

Daily Slice: 'The Enzo' at Domenica, New Orleans

Daily Slice Carey Jones 3 comments

When I have just a few days in New Orleans, I don't usually spend them eating pizza. (Can't bring myself to neglect all those beignets and po' boys.) But on NOLA foodman Pableaux Johnson's recommendation, we checked out the pizza at John Besh's Domenica last weekend, and I have to say I'm glad I did. More

United States of Pizza: Louisiana

United States of Pizza Christopher Stephens 13 comments

There's almost too much delicious food in the state of Louisiana, from boudin to beignets, muffalettas to meat pies, jambalaya to gumbo, po' boys to pralines, and seafood galore. But if pizza's what you want, you'll find quite a few good—even great—options in this guide. Looking for alligator pizza? A crawfish-topped pie? Head this way... More

One to Watch: Pizza Delicious, New Orleans

Adam Kuban 3 comments

Historically, there's never really been much chatter about pizza in New Orleans, but I've been starting to see stuff bubbling up about Pizza Delicious. Run by Michael Friedman and Greg Augarten out of a commercial kitchen space on Sunday nights only, Pizza Delicious aims to bring Big Apple–style pizza to the Big Easy. Here are some of the places these guys have been mentioned: More

How NOLA's Naked Pizza Factored In to an Online Manhunt

Adam Kuban Post a comment

Photograph: @nakedpizza The New Orleans Times-Picayune has a nice summation of the complicated story behind Wired writer Evan Ratliff's "disappearance" and capture. The innovative NOLA pizzeria Naked Pizza played a large role in rooting out Ratliff. Ratliff's disappearance was engineered by Wired magazine as a stunt to show just how much of our mundane daily activity is trackable online, including ATM and credit card transactions, travel itineraries, and, the data that tipped off searchers, Ratliff's online menu-browsing. Given a small set of biographical data at the beginning of the game (August 15), Wired readers were challenged to find Ratliff... More

NOLA Pizza Joint to Ban HFCS From Its Products

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 5 comments

That's New Orleans, Louisiana, and high fructose corn syrup, if you're struggling with the alphabet soup above. The aptly named World's Healthiest Pizza will get rid of the junktastic sweetener in its food and will discontinue serving drinks or anything else that uses it. Effective January 1. Nice move, World's Healthiest! [Tip o' the hat: Jenn Sit]... More

New Orleans Pizzeria Needs Help

Adam Kuban Post a comment

Over the weekend, New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin began encouraging residents of certain areas of the Big Easy to come back and begin the rebuilding process. New York–style pizzeria owner Todd Duvio returned a few days ago to do just that and found his shop destroyed, not surprisingly. Mr. Duvio is trying to rebuild his restaurant. Seeing as how it's located in Metairie, Louisiana, about halfway between the Mississippi and Lake Pontchartrain, you can imagine the work that'll take. He's looking for help, but he's not looking for money. We'll let him explain in his own words, from his blog... More

Katrina Aid

Adam Kuban Post a comment

For some reason, Slice is popping up really high when people run searches for Katrina relief efforts. That's not good. Too many people are clicking through to our site when they should be going somewhere useful. So if you've arrived at our site in this way, here is a list of links to charity and relief websites, most of which come from FEMA: SHARE YOUR HOME HurricaneHousing.org DONATE CASH America's Second Harvest Oxfam America American Red Cross Catholic Relief Services Hurricane Relief Fund Habitat for Humanity (At some point, they're going to have to start building stuff for people to... More

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