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'New York Daily News' Profiles Colin of 'Slice Harvester'

New York Daily News The New York Daily News profiles Colin (no last name given), the guy behind the Slice Harvester blog: "I don't need some ... crab on my pizza," he said. "If you want to make some bread with sauce and cheese and put crab on top of it and call it a pizza, fine. Go for it. But that's not a pizza as far as I'm concerned." Slice Harvester debuted in August, vowing to eat at every pizzeria in New York City. Reactions were mixed when word got out about his quest, split between "Marry me?"... More

Daily News's Restaurant Girl Reviews Co. Company

Today in the New York Daily News, Danyelle "Restaurant Girl" Freeman reviews Co. I know some of you are getting sick of reading about Co., so had this been another stellar review, I would have skipped the reblog on it. But for all you Co. haters, you have a champion in Freeman: Like all the crusts at Company, it's always perfect.But it's the only thing that's always perfect at Company.Unfortunately, pizza isn't just crust. And it isn't just sauce. And it isn't just toppings. It's the quality of these things and their ratio that make a great pizza. From... More

'New York Daily News' on The Obama Pizzarama

Joliet Herald News Diehard Slice readers have already seen this story—about the pizzeria the Obama family frequented in their Hyde Park neighborhood in Chicago and how that joint, Italian Fiesta Pizzeria, will be serving pies at the inauguration. Heck, we even went and sampled the place: Italian Fiesta Pizzeria: The Obamas' Chicago Pizza Favorite, Reviewed The New York Daily News wrote about it yesterday, in a story that doesn't really update us on much. I do, however, want to point out this passage: President-elect Barack Obama and his bride, Michelle, are big fans of Italian Fiesta pizza, a specialty... More

Flour, Cheese Prices Drop; Pizza Prices Remain High, May Yet Climb

A cheap slice to stave off hunger used to be a given. That all changed earlier this year with the skyrocketing price of flour and cheese. But, but ... Now, not only is the cost of a 50-pound bag of flour half the $36 it cost nine months ago, mozzarella cheese is down 15% from its summer high, and fuel prices, which affect nearly everything, are way down.Yet most business owners have a million excuses for sticking with menu markups made when wholesale prices were sky high.Here's how Sal's on Court St. in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, explains its $3 slice,... More

Il Brigante Reviewed in the 'Daily News'

Says Irene Sax: "The pizzas are hand-rolled disks of dough with charred, blistered edges and thin but flexible crusts. The rich, pure tomato sauce on the Calabria is topped with melted fior di latte, or cow's milk mozzarella, slices of spicy sopressata, briny black olives and onions ($13). The Brigante starts with the same rich sauce and cheese and adds thin prosciutto, arugula and Parmesan ($16). Meant for one, they are easily big enough for two to share and are definitely worth the voyage." 214 Front Street, New York NY 10038 (near South Street Seaport; map); 212-285-0222... More

Password-Protected Pizza Hybrid Available at Peppino's in Bay Ridge

A crazy item in the New York Daily News yesterday that I meant to link to, so you get it today. Apparently Peppino's in Bay Ridge is making a crazy hybrid calzone-pizza that you need a password to order: The Third Avenue pizzeria has been serving a pizza-calzone hybrid for the last few months, a flat three-slice pie that rises on one half like a stuffed calzone, with sausage and ricotta."People [were] confused," said owner Joe Mancino. "They didn't know what they wanted. They want pizza? They want calzone? They don't know. This is the best of both worlds." To... More

I'm Mad as Hell, But I Guess I'll Just Keep Taking It Anyway ...

... Because I love pizza too much to stop. But can I just go on record here and say that whatever dumb-ass ag policies our S-for-brains leaders have enacted are really pissing me off? Slice prices going up, up, up, no doubt because we're too busy pumping food into our gas tanks. The latest such story appears in the New York Daily News. I like how Johnny's Pizza on 15th Street still charges kids a discounted price, though. But what about seniors?... More

Maiden Voyage for Fledgling New York Pizza Tour

Photograph from DrBaloney on Flickr My buddy Scott Wiener launched his pizza tour venture yesterday with a trip to Lombardi's, Louie & Ernie's, and Patricia's. From the New York Daily News: Pizza lovers with $55 to spare can tool around in a school bus on the first citywide pizza tour, which will hit premier pizzerias on a rotating basis.Wiener is hoping to feature up-and-coming joints — like Luzzo's in the East Village, yesterday's second stop — as well as established favorites."They may not have the track record of Lombardi's or John's, but their pizza is still on the same... More

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