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Wellington, New Zealand: Pizza Pomodoro

Slice has a pen pal over in New Zealand who checks in with this report on Pizza Pomodoro in Wellington. Will F. also tipped us to Al Volo in Auckland, New Zealand, late last year. —The Mgmt. Words and Photo by Will F. | Pizza Pomodoro is a precious nugget of toothsomeness that sits nestled in an alley off of an alley. It also sits next to an alley. It's hidden enough that entering its two-table dining space, if it weren't for the neon sign on the facade, would feel like entering the headquarters of some kind of secret society.... More

New Zealand: Al Volo

Quite a while ago, Slice reader Will F. wrote to us: I have found a counterpoint to New Zealand's Hell Pizza. It is Al Volo, a more traditional Italian pizzeria located in the greater Auckland area. I took a shot a writing my own review here: Al Volo Pizza, but perhaps their website, which has a spiffy animation of the pizzaiolo doing his thing, would be more informative: www.alvolo.co.nz. No, Will, we think your take on it is more informative: The pizzas were classic neapolitan pies--extra thin crust, measuring about 12" in diameter. According to the pizzaiolo, the oven ran... More

New Zealand Pizzeria Giving Out Condoms

New Zealand chain Hell Pizza, no stranger to controversy or clever gimmicks, has come up with a new one. For its new "Lust Pizza," a pie for, ahem, meat lovers, the company has been distributing pamphlets containing sex instructions and a condom. The viral campaign has aroused some criticism, as you'd imagine. From Hawkes Bay Today: Not only do they have the authority of government policy on their side in raising the profile of HIV-Aids-and-conception-free sex with each mouthful of their product, but they are guaranteed that those calculated to be most irritated immediately become, in spite of themselves, part... More

World Record Pizza Delivery Attempt

Australian television comedian Paul Fenech left Madrid this morning on his 20,000km journey to set an unbeatable Guinness World Record for longest delivery and raise money to fight child cancer. He will fly via Johannesburg and Sydney before delivering the pizza to the Wellington home of cancer sufferer Niko Apostolakis, 13, at 10am on Saturday. World record pizza delivery to arrive in NZ [Stuff.co.nz]... More

Link Roundup: Pizza, From Birth to Death

"Taylor Street, the late 1890s. The neighborhood of Italian immigrants, largely from Naples, is packed with handcarts and makeshift stands selling fruit, vegetables, olive oil and bread. Speaking mostly in Italian, they buy, sell, argue and barter, when suddenly a man walks onto the street pushing a cart holding two copper washtubs. Their bottoms are packed with charcoal, keeping round pies of bread, tomato, spices and cheese hot. Walking near Taylor and Racine, he sells these pies for two cents each, and the people seem to like them. Little does he know that he is America's first pizza vendor, and... More

The Lord Giveth

Mysterious ways, indeed. A New Zealand pizza deliveryman received an $820 tip from the congregation of an Auckland church. The house of worship's pastor urged his flock to pony up and "give the guy the biggest tip he's ever had." Hong Fei Li, the congregation's benefactor, is part-time Pizza Hut driver and a hospitality student at the New Zealand Management Academy. He plans to use the money for student-related expenses. The pastor was also motivated by the fact that pie delivery is a dangerous job and he wanted to do something nice for a pizza driver. Check out The... More

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