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Photo of the Day: Thattsalotta Pizza!

Adam Kuban 11 comments

Mo' money, mo' pizza

"TDC Judges Night after-party at Lombardi's Pizza; Nolita, Manhattan" —Nick Sherman, on Flickr


Unicode 6.0 Includes New Pizza Slice Character

Adam Kuban 4 comments

You may know Nick Sherman from his blog Pizza Rules! but by day he works in the typography industry. It's no surprise that he would be the one to discover the new pizza slice character in Unicode 6.0, the Unicode Consortium's latest update of computer symbols. More

Brooklyn Man Attempts to Eat Nothing But Pizza in Month of April

Adam Kuban 19 comments

Each year in April, Nick Sherman of the blog Pizza Rules! attempts to eat nothing but pizza. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Only. Pizza. Here, a video that Cablevision's News 12 did on Mr. Sherman. I love that the on-screen caption IDs him simply as "Loves pizza." (Well, duh.) More

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