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Behind the Slice: Nick's Pizza, Forest Hills

Adam Kuban Post a comment

It's always interesting how old standbys play out in the media. When I first started pizza-blogging, Nick's was probably in the Top 10 of many a food writer or food lover. These days, it seems to be a cult favorite instead while all the new-fangled Neapolitan joints strut their stuff. More

Nick's Pizza, Forest Hills, Queens

Adam Kuban 17 comments

"Nick's calzone is the best I've had in the city. It passes the ultimate test: its best version is the 'plain,' or ricotta- and mozzarella-only version, with marinara on the side. The crispychewy shell, smell, flavor, and mouthfeel evoke the fabled mozzarella-in-carozza-envy scene in De Sica's Bicycle Thief. Another big plus is the shape — it's pressed virtually flat, in the classic, homey Neapolitan style. Cannot say enough good things about this dish." More

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