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Anthony Bourdain on Neapolitan Pizza

Adam Kuban 22 comments

"Here's the most significant difference between New York style and Italian-style pizza: You eat it with a knife and fork. At no point is it acceptable, what I've seen with this technique, nationwide, you don't see people picking up the slice. They don't pick it up. Kooky, right?" More

Watch Anthony Bourdain Sample 'Happy Pizza'

Adam Kuban 7 comments

"What makes this pizza so 'happy'? Let's just say there's a powerful herbal component to this pizza." That's Anthony Bourdain as he samples the infamous "happy pizza" of Cambodia in this clip from the most recent episode of No Reservations. "The crust could be a little crispier. But, really, which is more important, crispy crust or crispy diner?" [via JKdrummer]


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