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Hopewell NJ: Nomad Now Serving Roman-Style Pizza

From my inbox this morning, some intel from Slice reader and pizza fan Jan K. —The Mgmt. Nomad started as a truck-based operation, cooking pizzas out of a restored 1949 REO Speedwagon. [Photograph: Adam Kuban] Ed,As Adam well knows, Nomad Pizza in Hopewell, New Jersey, offers a very fine forno a legno Neapolitan pizza. Heck, now that he has shuttered his shop, Anthony Mangieri has visited twice (so it must have been good enough to get him back a second time).In December I was there for my weekly visit, and Stalin Bedon, one of the co-owners, reported that his partner... More

Nomad Pizza Co. Photo Gallery

[Photographs: Adam Kuban, except where noted] A few weeks ago, a pizza field trip essentially organized itself in the comments of a post about Nomad Pizza Co. On Saturday, the field trip finally happened. Among those on hand: Famdoc, Philip Given, Jason IDOP, Stacey Snacks, Ciao Chow Linda, Nick Sherman, Scott Wiener, Sean Taylor, Paulie Gee, Brownie, and Cary and Lillian Steiner. (Wow. Did I get everyone with a URL?) Slideshow photo gallery, after the jump.... More

Nomad Pizza Co.: Notes from the Field

Friend of Slice and Serious Eats New York contributor Tam Ngo recently emailed some field notes from a recent visit to Nomad Pizza Co., a newish Neapolitan pizza operation in Hopewell, New Jersey, that's been getting some love from the pizzerati as of late. Here are her quick impressions of the place. --The Mgmt. [Photographs: Tam Ngo] I haven't had heavyhitter Neapolitan-style Motorino yet, so I can't compare it. But Nomad's crust is crisper, more pliant, and has a more developed flavor than that of Keste's. (Even though I dug the texture, Keste's crust was surprisingly monoflavored to me.)... More

Openings: Nomad Pizza Co., Hopewell, New Jersey

[Photographs: Nomad Pizza Co.] While I was skipping the light Francisco on the west side, New Jersey pizza madman Paulie Gee was scouting the Garden State checking in on a place he had read about on NJ.com: Nomad Pizza Co. Nomad Pizza Co. started as a truck-based operation and opened an actual restaurant a couple weeks ago in Hopewell, New Jersey. After the jump, I've got a picture of the oven at the new Nomad restaurant, courtesy of Paulie, but before that, I want you to check out their truck:... More

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