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Pizza Madness 2009: Los Angeles — Pizzeria Mozza and Antica Pizzeria

From the Slice inbox: "Waiting for your review of Mozza and Antica. Please get to it soon. Thanks. —Pizzafreak" OK. Here you go, Pizzafreak. My blathering about "Pizza Madness 2009" continues ... —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Adam Kuban] Until I touched down at LAX on Thursday, October 29, most of my knowledge of Los Angeles came from CHiPs, The Rockford Files, the Terminator franchise, and The Closer. I had a feeling I'd be in for a shock. It came pretty early. On the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and North Crescent (straight-up 90210 territory), I saw both a Bentley Continental ragtop... More

Brain Dump: West Coast Pizza Madness 2009, Where I Visited

View West Coast Pizza Tour in a larger map [All photographs by Adam Kuban unless noted] I know it's taken me a while to get the lead out re this trip. I've been back in NYC for six days after 12 days total on the road (nine actual pizza-eating days among those). I figured that regular Slice readers might want the skinny on which places I visited while out west. They're above in the map, but I'll also list them below, after the jump.... More

L.A.: Mozza Expansion Means Take-Out Pizza and a Pizza School

News from L.A. Weekly's Squid Ink blog that Pizzeria Mozza is expanding to include a blip of a take-out pizzeria (with just four seats) and a pizza school: Yet it's the eastern part and biggest section of the shop that will really get people talking. Tentatively called the "Scuola di Pizza," this flexible, multi-purpose food room will be the ultimate space in which to play out your Mediterranean culinary fantasies (as long as they're within the bounds of socially accepted behavior, of course). A long counter at the rear frames a small pizza oven and other ridiculously gorgeous shiny cooking... More

Pizzeria Mozza Just About as Good As You've Heard

Daniel Zemans, our man in Chicago, checks in with another piece of intel from the road, this time in Los Angeles. —The Mgmt. Pizzeria Mozza 641 N. Highland Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90036 (map); 312-337-6634; mozza-la.com/pizzeria Getting There: It’s L.A.; get in a car and drive Pizza Style: Artisinal Oven Type: Wood The Skinny: Rightfully recognized as one of the best pizzerias in the U.S., but the ambience and attitude could use some work Price: All pizzas are about 10 inches and range from $10 to $22, with most around $15; most desserts are $8 or $9 The day I... More

Pizzeria Bianco Mops the Floor with Mozza

Editor's note: If you read the Dear Slice letter yesterday from homeslice Lance R. asking for New York pizza-eating advice, you'll remember he mentioned a piece he wrote for us about Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. I forgot to run it when he sent it in. But here it is. No worse for the delay, I might add. Lance, sorry about spacing this; I'm an asshat. —The Mgmt. Sorry about the quality of the pics, I was too giddy about the food to focus. Anyway, here's the rundown. My friend Mat and I are in the same pizza obsession club with... More

Michael Bauer's Pizza Fridays

"It hurts me, because they act as if I'm trying to get something over on them. I wish I had the nerve to charge $50, because that's what it's worth." —Anthony Mangieri Michael Bauer, the food critic of the San Francisco Chronicle, has apparently gone pizza mad after eating at Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles. The pies there inspired him to talk to some of the acknowledged masters of pizza: Anthony Mangieri (Una Pizza Napoletana, New York), Chris Bianco (Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix), and Nancy Silverton (Mozza). Not only that, but readers hungry for San Francisco pies will be pleased to... More

A 24-Hour Search for the Best Pizza in America

Bon Appétit magazine, in conjunction with the Food Network, went across the country looking for the best pizza, hamburgers, ribs, fried chicken, and tacos. Three finalists in each category are written up in the September issue of the magazine (the blurbs are rather generic-sounding), and the winner is going to be announced on a Food Network special hosted by Alton Brown August 18. What isn't clear to me after reading about their search is the methodology they used. What criteria did they use in each category? How did they go about finding and then eating at the best places in... More

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