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Slice Quotidienne: Pizza at the Eiffel Tower Snack Shop

You're not at the Eiffel Tower to eat (well, maybe at Jules Verne), you're there for the amazing view of the City of Lights, hopefully with your special squeeze, and hopefully as the sun sinks below the horizon, shedding its warm glow across the skyline. If you want pizza, mes amis, try Italy. If you want spectacular views from a tower that still stands at a 90° angle, Paris is your game. More

A Novel Way to Deliver Pizza in Paris

From the New York Times comes word of this charming-bordering-on-twee way of getting pizza delivery in Paris: By the water, there is a small pink dot of a helium balloon, bobbing in the intermittent breeze. The balloon is key. It was given to you by Pink Flamingo, a pizza parlor down the nearby Rue Bichat, whose bicycle deliveryman will use it as a beacon to locate you and present the five pies you've ordered (10.50 to 16 euros each). They're not all for you, of course—you've got friends to help eat the pizza and drink the four bottles of red... More

In Videos: Pizza Rocket

The Pizza Delivery FAIL video I posted last Tuesday prompted this comment from Bouudiii: "Reminds me of this video (quite famous here in France), where the guy guarantees pizza delivery within 4 minutes anywhere in Paris. Look at the mess (starts at 1:10)." The video, after the jump.... More

Paris Pizza Recommendation: Da Pietro

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got ... I'm with my family in Paris and just had a really serious pizza pie. The restaurant is called Da Pietro, located on Rue d'Mabillon in the 6th Arrondissement. Nobody had hyped me on the joint, but I kept walking past it all week, and something about it kept calling to me. I'm glad I listened. The pie I had is also called Da Pietro, and I can see why they decided to put their name to this particular pie. Its base is a Margherita, in the Una Pizza Napoletana tradition—fresh mozzarella,... More

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