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Peperoncino in Brooklyn: A Re-Visit

It's rather amazing to read back through eight years of Slice archives—eight years of pizza reviews!—if only to get a sense of the vast range of places we Slice'rs have eaten our way through. But it's also fun to watch just how much pizza culture has evolved over those eight years, in New York in particular. Let's check out Peperoncino, which opened in Park Slope in 2004 (a century ago, in NYC food years). More

Top This: Vignarola Pizza (à la Campo de' Fiori)

A Roman antipasto celebrating springtime, Vignarola brings together fava beans, artichokes, and peas--vegetables which are traditionally planted in Roman vineyards in between the rows of vines. These vegetables grow in the shade of the grape leaves and help to enrich the vineyard soil. Andrea Dal Monte of Campo de' Fiori translates this Roman antipasto into a pizza perfectly suited for the warm summer months. We visited Dal Monte at his Park Slope Pizzeria where he showed us how he makes the Vignarola pizza, topping the thin and crisp Roman-style square crust with a vibrant tomato sauce, a perfectly sweet pea spread, baby lettuces, arugula, sauteed artichokes, and green beans. Dal Monte artfully finishes the pie with lemon zest and paper-thin wisps of Pecorino Romano cheese. One bite, and you may as well be sitting in a Roman piazza in the springtime, sipping a caffè ristretto, conversing with Fellini. We urge you, do try this pizza at home. More

Daily Slice: Prosciutto Cotto at Franny's, Brooklyn

A forerunner of the artisanal pizza boom that's swept New York, Franny's doesn't get as much press nowadays; it's been edged out by places like Motorino and Paulie Gee's for the title of "latest and greatest." Still, with airy, chewy, crisp-edged crusts, great exterior char, and real hole structure, Franny's still makes some damn good pizza. More

First Impressions: Pauline & Sharon's, a Park Slope Reboot

Slices here are exactly what you want your classic New York pizza to be like. The crust is crisp, just the ideal thickness (we're talkin' Goldilocks here*), with a satisfying chewiness and the kind of flavor that only comes with a 2-plus-day dough-fermentation process. The sauce is a robust, simmered-down, herb-spiked concoction. Cheese is decent quality pizza cheese — not too much, not too greasy. In all, a stand-up slice and well worth your time to seek out or order from. More

Daily Slice: Brunch Pizza at Campo de'Fiori, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Walk up to the counter at Campo de'Fiori in Brooklyn's Park Slope and it's hard not to feel hungry, with squares of mozzarella and prosciutto-topped pizza spread before you. But my favorite order on the weekend is called simply the Brunch Special ($6.50)—a sizeable square of potato, onion, and bacon-topped pizza with a poached egg and salad. It's simple but prepared with attention to detail: I thought I'd need a shake of salt on the poached egg, but found the underside already salted; the yolk broke open in a perfect, slow ooze. With the egg spilling over what's essentially hash browns, bacon, and bread all at once, it's everything good about brunch in a slice of pizza, and of a size that left me satisfied rather than comatose. More

Daily Slice: Tomato and Basil, Park Slope, Brooklyn

I've always found grandma slices to be a three-buck gamble, but this square holds its own. Just as tasty is Tomato and Basil's Margherita ($3). The lower crust-to-topping ratio makes this slice more of a flavor bomb than dear old granny's and brings it more into line with the qualities that make slices like Di Fara's memorable. More

Fornino Pizzeria Opening in Park Slope

This photo is dated and the scaffolding is gone, but the former Tempo space is to the left, just under the plywood. My guess is that the Fornino "in-house store" might occupy the Tempo Presto space to the right. [Photograph: Google Maps] Word comes this morning via the Village Voice/Fork in the Road that Williamsburg's Fornino is opening a location in Park Slope. It'll be on Fifth Avenue between Carroll and Garfield streets. If you're familiar with the area, it's in the space that was most recently Tempo. It's a return to the neighborhood—and the space—for Fornino owner Michael... More

Brooklyn: Toby's Public House (a Checkup)

Clockwise from top left: Toby's is usually packed, especially in summer, when this photo was taken. It still weirds me out when a Slice review gets posted at a pizza joint. The pancetta-mushroom–black garlic pie and a Margherita. [Photograph: Adam Kuban] Toby's Public House 686 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 (at 21st Street; map); 718-788-1186; tobyspublichouse.com Oven Type: Wood-burning Pie Style: Neapolitan/New York–Neapolitan The Skinny: A relaxing, laid-back pub whose name belies the fact that there are some first-class pizzas coming out of the rustic wood-burning oven here. My God, man, get the black garlic pie! Previously: Toby's (6/30/2008)... More

Lucali's 'Black Dom' Asks for Dispensation to Help Open New Pizzeria

[Photograph: eater.com] While the New York Post doesn't name the pizzeria in question, it's a good bet that it's Giuseppina's in South Park Slope: "Mr. Dionisio's duties at the new location will require him to travel to [Manhattan] for, among other things, his food handler's license and permits for the restaurant," his lawyer, James Froccaro informed the judge. "He will be purchasing décor and equipment for the new restaurant as well." Giuseppina's (aka Lucali II) 691 6th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 (South Slope, at 20th Street; map) Related A Second Lucali Location? Yes and No » Lucali, One of... More

South Slope's Lucali Spin-off to Be Called Giuseppina's

[Photograph: eater.com] The blog Eater brings word via photographic evidence (above) that "Lucali II," the spin-off pizzeria from Mark Iacono's brother, Chris, will be called Giuseppina's. Wow. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue the way Lucali does, does it? Giuseppina's (aka Lucali II) 691 6th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 (South Slope, at 20th Street; map)... More

Cheryl, the Pizza Dance Party

Thursday night I had the pleasure of attending the pizza-themed Cheryl dance party mentioned early last week on Slice. The Royale in Park Slope was decked out in pizza-parlor regalia with red-and-white checked tablecloths, construction-paper pizza slices, and paper plates on the wall. There was no shortage of fantastic homemade pizza-themed costumes. Attendees came dressed as various toppings: pepperoni, olives, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli. There was even someone dressed as salmon. And one guest came dressed as Kristy Lynn Hammonds, one of the recently fired Domino's miscreants of YouTube fame. The evening's most popular snack accessories were edible pizza necklaces, thoughtfully... More

La Villa's Focaccia di Nonna

La Villa Park Slope 261 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 (at Garfield Place; map); 718-499-9888; lavillaparkslope.com The Skinny: The focaccia di nonna has a crisp-chewy crust with fresh mozzarella layered under garlicky, crushed San Marzano tomatoes Pizza Style: New York-Neapolitan Oven Type: Wood Stone gas-assist wood-fired oven Price: Small round (reviewed), $14. Large thin-crust Sicilian, $24; large round, $24; small deep-dish, $14 There's an old saying about defecation in the area in which one dines. It's not to be done. That's what's kept me from really going into detail about La Villa in Park Slope. It's about half a... More

The Year in Pizza at Adult Education

Thanks to everyone out there who showed up to hear about "The Year in Pizza" at Adult Ed last night. My talk kind of got off to a rocky start (I'm not much of a public speaker), but thanks to your early laughs (either sincere or politely feigned), I soon found my bearings and delivered a not-horrible speech. Thanks, too, to Carrie McLaren and Stay Free! for presenting the series; Charles Star for emceeing; Jim Hanas for asking me to speak; and fellow speakers Patrick Di Justo, Joe Garden, and Marian Salzman; and, of course, Union Hall for providing... More

What You're Doing Next Tuesday: Adult Education at Union Hall

I'll be speaking as part of a fun year-end wrap-up at Union Hall in Park Slope. My topic? Pizza, what else? Also speaking will be Patrick Di Justo with "Things We Lost" (the bygones of 2008) Joe Garden with "Welcome to the Night" (the year in vampires), and Marian Salzman with "The Year of Payback" (why the buzzword for 2009 will be "reboot"). The retrospective will be 2009's first installment of Adult Education, self-described as "a useless lecture series" and also as "a monthly event series where various speakers present brief, multimedia lectures on a shared theme." Attendees are advised... More

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