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My Pie Monday: Bottarga, Jumbo 'Jet', Bananas, and Much More!

There's a great selection of pies on this fine My Pie Monday! Between the Philadelphia tomato pie from Imwalkin, Mmmph's pizza in teglia, John Wozniak's L&B Spumoni-inspired pizza, Dhorst's fried pie, and dmcavanagh's Jet's-style pizza there's an entire appendix to the pizza style guide. Paul T sends us his first submission from his new wood fired oven. Others in the WFO oven club include TXCraig1, who features what has become for him "pizza crack," and RobynB, who sweetens things up with some cinnamon and sugar bananas. From the looks of Atmast's pie you'd think it comes from a WFO, but the spots her crust sports are the work of her electric oven. Girl Loves Pizza cooks up her BBQ chicken pie, a tried and true favorite and Amusebouche1 gives white bean basil hummus a try. Among the experiments this week, Norma conducts a Pepe's pizza throwdown, Jimmyg works some Kamut flour into his dough, and Flaksman fools around with hydration and oven configuration. More

My Pie Monday: Baby Cheese, Pepitas, Bacon, and Much More!

Happy New Year, Slice'rs! This first My Pie Monday of the year features 13 pies from 9 different kitchens. TXCraig1 contributed a classic Margherita to the galleries, dmcavanagh a classic NY-style and we've got squares of Pizzarium-style pie covered by Jimmyg. Norma sent in a shot of one of her great looking Greeks and Amusebouche1 send in both pizza and a dessert pie (so to speak)! Doing some clean up around the fridge, Billgraney created a clean out pizza, as did BiereBeer with "The Recycler" (a good contender for "Wackiest Pies of 2012"). Dhorst's sourdough pie got topped with a smoky blue and pepitas, and in line with the holiday flavors, Paul T combined butternut squash, sage, and caramelized onions. More

My Pie Monday: Grinder Pizza, Yellow Margherita and Much More!

Happy My Pie Monday! There are pies to be inspired by in this week's line up. If your interest has been piqued regarding Greeks, Norma's pie will make a convincing case. Or maybe like amusebouche1 you'll find inspiration from high falutin sandwiches, or try replicating a renowned pie, in the steps of Climbhighak. But then the season's bounty seems like inspiration enough based on Paul T's yellow tomato sauce Margherita, the Swiss chard and onion pie from Jimmyg, Tim Kuhn's pesto and tomato pizza, and the arugula topped pie from Scott D. If bold toppings are your thing, take a page from dhorst's recipe book or that of ToteM'Gotes! More

My Pie Monday: Paul T.'s Grilled-Zucchini Grilled Pizza

First Paul T. checks in with a zucchini blossom pizza, now with the zucchini itself. It was way too nice out Saturday to make pizza in the oven, so I fired up the BBQ and made this pie on the grill. First, I tossed the zucchini slices in olive oil and truffle salt and grilled them. Next I grilled the dough right on the grill grates and halfway through, I flipped it and added fresh mozzarella, the grilled zucchini, grated Parmigiano, and fresh basil. The balsamic glaze was a last-second addition. (Thanks, Matt!) What better way to kick off a... More

My Pie Monday: Paul T.'s Zucchini Blossom and Pancetta Pizza

[Photograph: Paul T.] Paul T. checks in again this week with a beautiful-sounding topping combo: I decided to make my pizzas outside on the grill last weekend. This pie has zucchini blossoms from the garden and pancetta. I put my pizza stone on the grill and added a smokerbox to give it a wood-burning-oven taste. I preheated my grill for an hour and got the temp up to 650°F. I still need to work on getting a more even heat. The bottom cooked a little quicker than the top. Other than that, the wood chips in the smoker box... More

My Pie Monday: Paul T.'s Sunny Side Egg and Pancetta Pie

[Photograph: Paul T.] Another veteran MPM'r here. Paul T. says: Thank you for posting my Prosciutto, Arugula, and Parmigiana pie last Monday! I have been making pizzas at home for a while now and it is fun to read people outside of my family and friends comment on my pie.I have attached a picture of another pie that I made last night that I'd like to submit for My Pie Monday.This is my Sunny Side Egg and Pancetta Pie. I use a blend of fresh mozzarella, gorganzola, and grated parmigiana cheeses. I finish this pie off with fresh thyme,... More

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