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First Impressions: Pauline & Sharon's, a Park Slope Reboot

Slices here are exactly what you want your classic New York pizza to be like. The crust is crisp, just the ideal thickness (we're talkin' Goldilocks here*), with a satisfying chewiness and the kind of flavor that only comes with a 2-plus-day dough-fermentation process. The sauce is a robust, simmered-down, herb-spiked concoction. Cheese is decent quality pizza cheese — not too much, not too greasy. In all, a stand-up slice and well worth your time to seek out or order from. More

Slice Walk: Park Slope

Or, 'Every Damn Slice Pizzeria in Park Slope' You know, for all the pizza-eating I do in the service of this beast that is Slice, I typically focus on one place per blog post. I visit a few times, get a feel for the joint, and then file a dispatch for your approval. But a while back, I was forced to try a new approach—a systematic neighborhood slice survey. I had been asked by Time Out New York to survey the city's various Little Italys in search of the best pizzas in each one. Taking my journalistic duty seriously, I... More

Peppe's Pizza & Panini

Or, 'This Is Where You're Ordering Pizza From Now, Park Slope' Peppe's Pizza & Panini Address: 597 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 (b/n 17th and 18th streets, Park Slope; map) Phone: 718-788-7333 Website: peppepizzapanini.com Oven Type: Gas-fired, steel-deck oven Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily Payment: Cash and cards Price: $16 for large plain pie (18 inches); $12 for small (12 inches) Recommended Options: Order the plain pie and ask for a mixture of regular mozz, fresh mozz, and the imported Pecorino-Romano. The Skinny: This newcomer to the Park Slope pizza scene is being compared to Di Fara, and... More

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