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Daily Slice: Breakfast Pizza from J&J South Philly Pizza

Daily Slice Hawk Krall Post a comment

Almost every pizzeria in South Philly offers a breakfast pizza. At first, I assumed that these pies would be regular pizzas with eggs and maybe bacon or sausage thrown on top. So one hungover Sunday morning I ordered a small plain breakfast pizza ($4.95) at J&J South Philly Pizza. More

Daily Slice: Mama Homestyle from Francoluigi's in Philly

Daily Slice Hawk Krall 8 comments

Francoluigi's has long been one of my favorite pizza places in Philadelphia. They have a great selection of South Philly gourmet pies layered with Italian sausage, broccoli rabe, fresh ricotta, roast pork, and so on. All the toppings are the real deal—these folks also operate a full-service red-sauce Italian restaurant next door, complete with waiters who sing opera. More

Daily Slice: Upside-Down Pizza from Stogie Joe's, Philadelphia

Daily Slice Hawk Krall 19 comments

Stogie Joe's serves upside-down pizza, which in Philly means the cheese layer is topped with sauce. The super crispy, square crust, much thinner than Sicilian, is light and crunchy. More

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