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Chris Bianco is Opening a Pizzeria in Tucson!

At least two or three times a week, I get really annoyed at Chris Bianco. Here's a guy—a fellow New Yorker, no less—making, by all accounts, some of the best pizza in America, and he just has to do it in Phoenix freakin' Arizona. Which is, I'll have you know, 2,410 miles and 36 hours in the car I can't drive, or, alternatively, 5 hours on the plane I can't afford. Goddamnit, Chris Bianco. Why are you so far away? More

Dear Slice: Arizona Pizza Pilgrimage

We've some pizza gold from the Slice mailbox. If you saw our Pizza Obsessives interview with Lance yesterday, you'll have eagerly been awaiting the followup—Lance describes his visit to Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix and gives us a first look at Flagstaff's Pizzicletta, which of course is the subject of Caleb Schiff's column "Building a Pizzeria". What I'm saying is that we have a cosmic pizza convergence here. "You're driving to Phoenix... for pizza?" That's how everyone used to say it, with shock in their voice. But with all the press that my favorite place in the world, Pizzeria Bianco, has... More

Scottsdale, Arizona: 'Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana

'Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana is situated in the Borgata, a faux Italian plaza built about 20 years ago in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona. Stefano Fabbri opened the restaurant—the valley's first VPN-certified pizzeria—in February of this year with his Acunto Forni brick oven as the prominent centerpiece. This 6,000-pound beauty was hand-built in Naples, shipped across the ocean, and then brought all the way to Arizona. More

Statement from Chris Bianco Regarding Absence from Pizzeria Bianco

There's been a lot of talk online in various forums and pizza sites, including here on Slice, about the status of Chris Bianco at Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. Is he retiring or is he not (For the record he isn't)? Is he there making every pie or is he not? We've known about some of the issues Chris speaks about below for some time, but out of respect for his privacy we have not gone public with them. But with the rumors reaching a new level lately, we asked if he would go on the record about what's been going... More

In Which I Finally Get My Ass to Pizzeria Bianco, Have Amazing Pizza, and Finally Write About It

From the mailbag: Adam,I now log into Slice every day and really enjoy it. When will you have the write-up and photos from Pizzeria Bianco up?--Rich S. [Photographs: Adam Kuban] OK. Bianco. Yeah. Sorry, Rich. I'm actually trying to juice the Slice traffic numbers by making you and the rest of the readers who have been following Pizza Madness 2009 check the site every day. ... Just kidding. I just got a bit behind with Thanksgiving and now the holidays and all that jazz. Now it is time to tell my tale. In mind-numbing dear-diary detail. For I wish to... More

Brain Dump: West Coast Pizza Madness 2009, Where I Visited

View West Coast Pizza Tour in a larger map [All photographs by Adam Kuban unless noted] I know it's taken me a while to get the lead out re this trip. I've been back in NYC for six days after 12 days total on the road (nine actual pizza-eating days among those). I figured that regular Slice readers might want the skinny on which places I visited while out west. They're above in the map, but I'll also list them below, after the jump.... More

The United States of Pizza: Arizona

Continuing the 50-part series that is The United States of Pizza, here's a bit of intel from the Grand Canyon State. —The Mgmt. [Illustration: Adam Kuban] If you read Slice with any regularity, you might get the impression that pizza in Arizona begins and ends with Pizzeria Bianco. Lord knows, we've spilled enough pixels writing about the place—not that it doesn't deserve it. But there are other places in Arizona that you might want to check out.... More

F-Words of Wisdom from Pizzaiolo Chris Bianco

Chris Bianco, assembling a pizza. Photograph by Robyn Lee Matthew Amster-Burton writes on Gourmet.com about the philosophy of legendary Phoenix pizza man Chris Bianco (Pizzeria Bianco). Readers here are more than familiar with the place, so here are a couple choice quotes: “Don’t worry about eight hundred degrees, don’t worry about the bullshit of time, don’t worry about tripping out your fuckin’ home kitchen to reproduce something. Those things to me are not organic. I mean, if you have a hot sidewalk and a magnifying glass, you can make something.” He paused while I imagined how this would work.... More

Chris Bianco on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Tonight

Celebrated pizzaman Chris Bianco (Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix) will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. Bonus "slice" action: Mixed martial arts fighter Kimbo Slice will also be a guest. Perhaps these two slice men can have a throwdown. (Check your local listings.) Update (1/19/2009): I've posted the video of the appearance below—after the jump) (thanks for the link, Paulie). Related: All Pizzeria Bianco entries on Slice... More

Pizzeria Bianco Mops the Floor with Mozza

Editor's note: If you read the Dear Slice letter yesterday from homeslice Lance R. asking for New York pizza-eating advice, you'll remember he mentioned a piece he wrote for us about Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. I forgot to run it when he sent it in. But here it is. No worse for the delay, I might add. Lance, sorry about spacing this; I'm an asshat. —The Mgmt. Sorry about the quality of the pics, I was too giddy about the food to focus. Anyway, here's the rundown. My friend Mat and I are in the same pizza obsession club with... More

Pizzeria Bianco: The DJ Bubbles Drive-By

"What does DJ Bubbles think of the pizza at Pizzeria Bianco? Short answer: It is unquestionably great." Above: The Margherita from Pizzeria Bianco—mozzarella rich and buttery, sauce sweet and tangy, basil fresh and evenly spread, and crust crisp yet soft. As usual, I've taken my sweet-ass time between articles, and I know that has been a cause of concern for some of you out there looking for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Well, I think you may be in luck, because I think I've found it—and it ain't in New York City, suckas! No, it... More

'Oprah,' Pizzeria Bianco, Google, and Slice: A Closed Loop

For as much as I (privately) grumble about the internet, I love it for stuff like this ... About 4:10 p.m. ET, I have the following IM exchange with my homeslice Philip G., who appears in the video above, capturing the first-ever video pizza upskirt at Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix on his visit there: PGTips: bianco was just on oprah NYCSlice: wha? NYCSlice: no way NYCSlice: on the pizza show?... More

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