'Pie-ku' on Serious Eats

Why Pepperoni Pizza Sucks

But can sausage trap its own greasy goodness, like this? Jon Eick over at the blog So Good has a great rant about pepperoni. Long story short, he don't like it. Here's why: If pizza is high quality, a mere slice of cheese is delicious. If pizza is mediocre, I understand the need to add toppings. But I have news for you pepperoni: you ain't all that and a bag of chips. Pepperoni, while ok, is simply NOT good enough to have earned it's place as the default pizza order of choice on merit alone. Hell no. I believe... More

Pie-Kuing: Today's Best Form of Procrastination

The Washington Post food section is gearing up for a pizza-devoted issue soon, so the staff is holding a Pie-Ku contest in the meantime. Five syllables, then seven, then five—that's the drill, pepperoni poets. The deadline is today, so hurry! Leave -kus in the comments section—we want to read 'em—then email your entries to food@washpost.com. Of course, the Post is years behind the pie-ku curve. We held a Pizza Haiku contest on Slice in June 2005. Here was our favorite, by "Mr. Sin." Crisp pepperoni, Edge curled from heat, A chalice of sweet, hot oil.... More

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