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Daily Slice: Pinocchio's, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Daily Slice Meredith Smith 9 comments

The go-to slice in Cambridge since 1966 has been the square Sicilian at Pinocchio's. For many, these slices serve primarily to curb late night Harvard Square hunger. Experience has taught me that some pizza doesn't taste quite as delicious at 12 p.m. as it does at 12 a.m. The Sicilian slices at Pinocchio's, however, are equally good on either side of twelve. More

Sicilian Slice Crawl in Boston

Carey Jones 23 comments

New Yorkers may no more concede that Boston has a lively pizza scene than accept the Red Sox as the greatest team in baseball. Bostonians, of course, don’t care; their city sits squarely on what our Ed Levine has called “the pizza belt”—and from fancy-pants pies to the old-school Pizzeria Regina and Santarpiro’s, there’s plenty of good eating to be had. But what about the Sicilian? While we’ve written about the acclaimed Galleria Umberto before, more than a few commenters (and my own frequent dining companion) claimed that there were better square slices to be had. So on a... More

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