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Pittsburgh Pizza Crawl

Meredith Smith 7 comments

This came across the Twitter wire yesterday from @jelsas: A two man, twelve pizza tour of Pittsburgh! There's a detailed report on Pop City that includes snippets of the Twitter log from the tour and mustache ratings of each pizzeria. More

Daily Slice: 'The Provola' at Il Pizzaiolo, Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Daily Slice Carey Jones 10 comments

We're at a point in pizza history where just about every mid-sized American city has a Neapolitan-style pizzeria. But the Pittsburgh area has had a fantastic one since 1996, when Ron Molinare opened Il Pizzaiolo in Mt. Lebanon. More

Dear Slice: 'Dinette in Pittsburgh Well Worth the Visit'

Adam Kuban 1 comment

Anchovy topped with jalapeƱos, capers, fresh mozzarella, and tomato. [Photographs: Rodzilla] Got this nudge from longtime Slice'r/SE'r Rodzilla to check out Dinette in Pittsburgh. He was there a few weeks ago for a review on his own site and was inspired to share some intel with us all: The pies are almost the polar opposite of the Vinnie Pies that Daniel Zemans reviewed earlier this year, but equally if not more delicious. Dinette prides itself on incredibly fresh ingredients. Chef-owner Sonja Finn has quite a resume, including being a semi-finalist for the James Beard Rising Star Chef award. The... More

Daily Slice: Mineo's, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Daily Slice Carey Jones 3 comments

No pizza ever quite compares to the stuff you grow up with. (We call it the Pizza Cognition Theory.) So when SE contributor John M. Edwards found out Erin Zimmer and I were going to Pittsburgh, he insisted we stop at Mineo's Pizza House. More

The Vinnie Pie Lives on at Vincent's Pizza Park in Pittsburgh

Daniel Zemans 13 comments

Any discussion of a Vinnie Pie has to start with the crust. The end crust is extremely thick and has a nice crunchy exterior and a softer but still chewy interior. If you can imagine a great hearty Italian roll - the kind needed to stand up to a saucy meatball sub - and envision that bread as a pizza crust, then you have an idea of what the crust at Vincent's is like. More

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