'Pizza Art' on Serious Eats

John Riepenhoff's Recursive Pizza

A few weeks ago, Slice'r Tim Harrington emailed me the photo you see at left. "I can't stop looking at it," Tim said. Neither can I. After doing some digging, I found it was the work of Milwaukee-based artist John Riepenhoff. You know I had to get him in the hot seat on this one. Here's a quick Q&A with him about his pizzas within a pizza. More

Pizza Art

There is a lot of great art in the world, and some of it even pays homage to that delicious dish we all love: pizza. Even artists like Claes Oldenburg and Pablo Picasso have created work related to pizza. Here's a slideshow of some of the best pizza art I have come across. Do you have any pizza paintings you want to share? Post a link in the comments.... More

About the TVs in Sam's Windows

Another one regarding the Sam's post from Monday. Good morning! I read your post about Sam's Restaurant. Agree about the pizzas--amazing! You mentioned in your post, six TVs with reeling footage. These are part of Windows Brooklyn, the first-ever show curated like this in Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. Sam's Restaurant is involved, as well as Margaret Palca Bakes, among many many other stores. There is an installation at Margaret Palca called Eat Your Words. But there are cookies involved. Just wanted to alert you to this so you could perhaps make readers privy to this information. The artist at... More

Pizza Art by Ted Mineo

Artist and Slice reader Ted Mineo emailed us a link to a few of his pieces that feature pizza. Above is Communion (15-inch square, oil on canvas over panel, 2006). When the aliens come, I hope they arrive in spacecraft like these: Hemisphere 1 (20 by 24 inches, watercolor on paper, 2005) I, for one, welcome our new pizza overlords. Ted tells us he's got some other pizza artworks in the works, including sculptures and a circular pizza rug that you'll be able to buy by the slice. For more on Ted's work, see tedmineo.com.... More

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