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Pizza My Mind: What's Up With Take-Out Pizza in a Bag?

Polls Niki Achitoff-Gray 40 comments

I've been mulling over this post for a while, waiting for my boiling rage to simmer down into something resembling calm reason. But at this point, it seems unlikely that such a day will ever come. Because here's the thing. Getting your pizza to go in a bag just plain SUCKS. More

Photo of the Day: World's Largest Deliverable Pizza

Meredith Smith 9 comments

Scott Wiener in his proud moment of obtaining the legendary world's largest pizza box from Big Mama's and Papa's in Los Angeles. More

Pizzapartment, the Missing Storage Solution You Might Need

Meredith Smith 17 comments

The Pizzapartment is real: "Tidy living quarters for your leftover slices." More

Fat Boys Pizza Box Set

Meredith Smith 3 comments

Man, the Fat Boys loved pizza. So it's only fitting that the remastered release of their debut album comes packaged in a pizza box. More

More on Pizza Boxes from The Atlantic

Meredith Smith 1 comment

Hey, check it out! The Atlantic picked up some quotes from Scott Wiener's pizza box post here on Slice. Alexis Madrigal, senior editor at The Atlantic, gives a brief run down on the history, but then places his focus on the three big innovations that have transformed pizza boxes into the well-ventilated, heat preservation delivery vehicles that they are. Corrugated cardboard as the longstanding material of choice gets props, as does the plastic tripod that keeps pizzas from getting crushed by the box lid. But it's the ingenuity behind the insulated sleeve that really separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to regulating the moisture/temperature equation. Alexis has this to say: More

Scott's Pizza Chronicles: A Brief History of the Pizza Box

ScottWiener 35 comments

Most Slice'rs probably agree that pizza is best served directly from the oven, but over 1 billion pizzas are delivered each year and every single one of them is transported to its destination in a simple cardboard box. The contemporary pizza box remains as anonymous as it is simple, as few of its users know anything about the cardboard coffin's humble origins. Let's dig a little deeper into the history of the pizza box to provide some context for an item most of us view as a necessary evil in the life of a pizza eater. More

A Refreshing Change from 'Draw a Unicorn Fighting a Giraffe'

Adam Kuban Post a comment

OK, the whole crazy-request-in-the-online-pizza-ordering-Special-Instructions-box thing was getting a little old. Reddit is full of jokers asking Pizza Hut and Domino's to draw all manner of outlandish scenes on their delivery pizza boxes. Some are funny, most are meh. But this one is a new twist. Slice'r Bill W. emails this one to us: "KNOCK LOUD LIKE THE COPS." More

Take a 'Tour' of Pizza Boxes of the World

Adam Kuban 8 comments

I love this video by Scott "Pizza Tours" Wiener. Even though it's pretty long by web-video standards, I wanted to see more pizza boxes from around the world. Scott's got a pretty vast collection. I don't know where he keeps them all. ... Oh, wait: I do!

(Can I play yenta here? Scott, meet Shirley Chow.)


Pizza Obsessives: Shirley Chow, Proprietor of photosofpizzaboxes.com

Pizza Obsessives Adam Kuban 18 comments

I have always wanted to do a subsection of Slice that just documented pizza boxes. But I mostly eat in the pizzerias I visit and rarely take pizza to go (I eat it all). There's this obsessive gal, though, Shirley Chow, who documents every pizza box from every pizzeria she visits and posts them on her site, photosofpizzaboxes.com. Surely we had to get her in the hot seat! More

Awesome Delivery from Domino's

Chain Pizza Adam Kuban 5 comments

This is great. Fukung.net posted this cute bit in which the customer ordered Domino's online and in the "special instructions" form asked them to draw a unicorn fighting a giraffe inside the pizza box. The response, after the jump. More

Poll: What Do You Do with Your Empty Pizza Boxes?

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 14 comments

Nobody's figured out how to properly tackle this one yet: the empty pizza delivery box.* Such a great treat leaves such an unwieldy container to deal with. Do you try to recycle them? Do you throw them out? Do you make epic outsider art pieces with them? What do you do with your used pizza boxes? » More

Pizza Samurai Halloween Costume

Pizzalicious Lauren 10 comments

UPDATE: WE WON! DUH! Will Won two free Hot N Ready pizzas a month. BOOM! That ought to cover about 10% of his Hot N Ready habit. [Photographs: Alan Young] This Halloween the Richmond, Virginia–area Little Caesars held a Halloween costume contest. Today they will award one year of free pizza to the maker of the best costume made out of Little Caesars pizza boxes—plus some serious bragging rights. When I saw this on Facebook I immediately recruited my friend, Will Blanton, and teamed up to design and build what we are sure is a winning costume. Picture it: a... More

Photo of the Day: Pizza Box Small Print

Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

[Photograph: Failblog] Over at Failblog, a pizza box talks back. Have any of you seen this on a pizza box before?... More

Video Reheat: Building a Better Pizza Box

Adam Kuban 4 comments

You may have seen this video when it was on Slice last year, but it looks like it's making the rounds on the web again, so in the interest of staving off any more "Have you seen this?" emails, here you go. The GreenBox is from Eco Inc., and its angle is that the top of the box tears along perforated lines into four serving plates while the bottom can fold into its own storage container with a small footprint. (Always handy, especially if someone else in your household — cough ... Girl Slice ... cough — doesn't feel... More

Pizza Hut Box from Belgium

Adam Kuban Post a comment

[Photograph: Turtle 50 on Flickr] From the Pizza Boxes from Around the World group on Flickr comes this box from Belgium. This is probably the closest a Pizza Hut pizza has ever gotten to an actual flame.... More

Photo of the Day: 'Customer Special'

Adam Kuban 1 comment

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] In response to yesterday's Photo of the Day featuring the "Extra Cheese/ Sausage" detail from a pizza box, Tupper Cooks! asked, "What, no X-tra Pineapple???" Well, I believe that would be covered by "Customer Special." So here you go. Consider this your X-tra Pineapple, Tupper. You're welcome — and aloha! ;) And like yesterday, feel free to download the original to use as a desktop wallpaper: http://www.flickr.com/photos/slice/4706612953/sizes/o/... More

Domino's 'American Idol' Box Features 6-Fingered Singer

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 12 comments

From the latest Dear Slice letter: "The chick on the Domino's box has 6 fingers on each hand! I Googled to see if anyone else had noticed yet and found you. And evidently no one else has noticed yet ;) Pic attached. —Fontaine" More


Quick Bites Adam Kuban Post a comment

Photos of Pizza Boxes is a blog whose title is pretty self-explanatory.... More

Photo of the Day: Party in a Box (or Several)

Adam Kuban Post a comment

A scene in Queens this morning.... More

The Most Awesome Recycling Bundle EVER

Adam Kuban 7 comments

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] OK, the above pile of discarded, greasy pizza boxes would be nothing special in New Haven, but I have to admit I had a strange pizza daydream as I was downloading slices from them into freezer bags for storage in my Brooklyn home. As I said to Girl Slice: "Do you know that if a pizza connoisseur walked by this pile on recycling day, he or she WOULD FREAK? This is like if you put out empty boxes for Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation on the same day. Like the day after Christmas. But greasier." Girl Slice's... More

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