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Poll: Is it Pizza?

Is co-opting pizza's good name okay? Yesterday's dessert pizza post got us musing about the meaning of pizza. We know better than to dive headfirst down the pizza-definition-hole with reckless abandon. But there's nothing wrong with a friendly round of "one of these is not like the other." Or, in this case, "are any of these self-proclaimed pizza products at all like pizza?" More

Quote of the Day

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] "I think the whole thing about people having to choose between a slice and cone, I don't see it that way," [K! Pizzacone's] mysterious silent partner said in a phone interview. "You may want pizza in a cone one day or a slice another. I don't see it as a replacement, I see it as a different way of eating it." —New York Press Related: K! Pizzacones Come to NYC! (with video of the unboxing!) »... More

Video: Crispycones Pizza Cone on 'Colbert Report'

Crispycones appeared on the October 15, 2009, Colbert Report. Stephen gives it both a Tip of the Hat and a Wag of the Finger for being too easy to eat. The cone-shaped treat solves an age-old problem—namely the difficultly inherent in eating a slice of pizza. And, hah! The Crispycones website has embedded the Colbert video. [via Eat Me Daily] Pizza Cones Ad Nauseam Pizza in a Cone: Crispycones Pizza in a Cone: Kornet Pizza Pizza Cones Make U.S. Debut in K.C. Mall... More

Pizza in a Cone: Crispycones

Editor's note: This is the second of two reports today about pizza in a cone. Here's the first: Pizza in a Cone: Kornet Pizza This photo shows the original cardboard cone-holders. Newer holders are pyramidal, smaller, and use less cardboard.Anytime you publish something about pizza cones on the web, Nir Adar will see it. That's how I found myself in the prep kitchen of a food-photography studio in Chelsea this past Tuesday. Adar, the man behind pizza-in-a-cone venture Crispycones, has been following Slice since the first time I mentioned the food product on the site. With a Google alert set... More

Pizza in a Cone: Kornet Pizza

Editor's note: This is the first of two reports today about pizza in a cone. Check out the second report here: Pizza in a Cone: Crispycones It’s not often that Kansas City gets to be at the forefront of international cuisine. But even a Midwesterners are sometimes lucky enough to find a new, innovative pizza concept in their local mall food court once in a while. Kornet Pizza, the international sellers of the pizza cone, opened its first U.S. location at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, Kansas, four weeks ago. My wife accompanied me recently to the food court... More

Pizza Cones Make U.S. Debut in K.C. Mall

I just got this email from my mom, and, boy, did I freak out. Adam, Saw this article [below right] in the KC Star on January 6. Looked interesting. Too bad we didn't see this while you were in town. We might try this, but not anytime soon, as you left us with so much pizza in the freezer. Hope the pictures get to you. We had problems trying to figure out the attachment part. Let me know if you get the pictures or not. --Mom You don't know how much this hurts, ladies and gents.... More

Koh No! Pizza in a Cone

Slice wire editor Seltzerboy considers pizza to be one of New York City's quintessential "hand foods." A slice, he says, should not necessitate the use of a knife or fork. If you are a New York pie purveyor and your slices require any plate-to-mouth delivery devices whatsoever, you have failed as a pizzamaker. This conceit taken to an extreme, however, yields something like Kono Pizza, a cone-shaped creation that debuted yesterday in Milan. Kono Pizza is the brainchild of Rossano Boscolo, who has his eye on taking the concept global in an apparent challenge to that stalwart hand-food duo the... More

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