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PBS Video: Pizza Delivery Track Lighting

The above image represents the movements of a Domino's delivery guy in NYC as tracked by a gps system attached to his bike. The patterns of his movements make a remarkable image, but represent just the final piece in the larger network of the whole Domino's machine. More

Pizza Delivery and the Economics of Reputation

If you're new to the obsessive world of pizza enthusiasts, you'd be excused for not knowing this, but boxing a WFO pizza seriously compromises its quality. It's accepted as fact that a Neapolitan pizza is at its best in a very small slice of time between the oven and your mouth. Even allowing it to sit on a plate too long, purists say, affects quality. The crust quickly loses whatever crispness it may have had and can even start to turn chewier than desired. More

Quote of the Day: 'Time Remaining...'

Quote of the Day"Pizza tracker? F*** yeah, the pizza tracker. If you don't know what the pizza tracker is, then get your ass online right now and order a pizza from Domino's. It's the equivalent of a loading bar on a web browser, except at the end of the loading you get a delicious pizza." Mark H., on UHpinions.com

[And if you think that quote is good, the story it comes from is even better. If it's to be believed, the Domino's deliveryman saved Mark H.'s life. Via @mathowie]


What Domino's Thinks About Pizza Box Drawings

"To be honest, we find this quite hilarious — and love seeing some of our stores going the extra mile to make their customers smile. With that said, we do have to remember we're Domino's, the delivery experts, and not Pixar ... so our first priority has to be, as soon as they come out of the oven, getting pizzas quickly out of our doors and then safely to yours." —Domino's spokesman Chris Brandon More

Daily Pizza Pizza Habit Saves Elderly Woman's Life

You all saw this yesterday, right? Eighty-two-year-old Jean Wilson's daily pizza habit helped save her life. When Domino's delivery driver Susan Guy learned that the Memphis woman hadn't phoned in her usual order (one large pepperoni pizza — Wilson has been ordering that every day for three years now), Guy suspected something was up and told her boss she needed to go check on WIlson, stat. More

How Pizza Delivery Was Done in Naples

Naples pizzaiolo Antonio Starita with *the original* pizza box. [Photographs: Adam Kuban] Antonio Starita (above) represents the third generation of pizzaioli at Pizzeria Starita a Materdei, a Naples institution. (It was the pizzeria in the Sofia Loren flim L'Oro di Napoli.) Starita mentored Kesté's Roberto Caporuscio in the ways of pizza and was in New York City over the weekend guest-teaching classes at Caporuscio's pizza school. On Friday night, Starita was behind the counter making pizzas for lucky Kesté customers who showed up between 5 and 7 p.m. Slice stopped by to watch the man in action. OK, enough... More

Isn't Every Night Pizza Night?

[Photograph: Robyn Lee] The New York Post recently reported that Thursday night is the post popular time to order pizza from Delivery.com. Sunday is a bigger delivery day overall, but for some reason, pizza is the order of choice on Thursdays. The most popular topping? Pepperoni. Does this jibe with what goes on in your home? Or is every night pizza night as far as you're concerned?... More

Pizza Girl: Crazy Delivery Stories

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] Whenever someone new finds out that I deliver pizza, the first thing they usually ask is, "What's your craziest delivery story?" I don't have too many, but here are the ones I usually go with: I once had a very drunk dude shout "I love you" as I walked away after giving him his pizza I have seen one penis. The guy had some boxer shorts on with a rip in them. I tried hard not to look Some young teenage girls thought it'd be cute if they answered the door in underwear. I could hear... More

Pizza Girl: Statistical Analysis of a Delivery Shift: Part 1

How much time do I really spend driving during any given shift? How much time do I spend folding boxes? What is my average hourly rate per shift? I often have questions like this, and the best way I could think of answering them was to track my every movement during a shift, so I recorded everything I was doing, from my clock-out time to the time I spent folding boxes. Over the next few weeks I'm going to take that data and see what sort of useful information I can pull from it. More

Pizza Girl: June Bug Season Is Here

Spring is in full swing here in Texas; the trees have all exploded with bloom and new leaves, the medians are filled with bluebonnets and other wildflowers, and pollen coats my car as the oak trees make their annual mad dash to create baby oak trees. It is the perfect time to be out and about, taking deliveries and observing the world. It's too warm for a jacket but just cool enough that I'm not sweating. There is only one thing that I dislike about spring: June bugs. More

Pizza Girl: What Pizza Delivery Drivers Listen To While on Duty

It inevitably happens that I'll have a delivery shift I just can't seem to get started. My energy drags, and as I slowly transfer my pizzas from the hot-rack to the bags to my car, I know there's one thing that can make this better, that can get me pumped for delivering--one particular song. My pick, and other drivers' playlists, after the jump. More

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