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16th Annual Greater New Haven Pizza Fest

From Sally's Apizza [Photograph: Adam Kuban] The New Haven Pizza Fest got underway last Thursday and Friday. While sadly two days are behind us, the good news is that the second half of the festival is this Thursday and Friday from 12-1:30 pm on the New Haven Green (map). If you can get there, why wouldn't you?! The festival is a fundraiser for The Connection Fund. They have had 483 pizzas donated from 28 area pizzerias, including their sponsors Modern Apizza, Abate, Tolli's, P&M, Born in America, and Marco Pizzeria. Slices are going for 3 bucks each or 2... More

Slice Harvester's Weird Pizza Contest Tomorrow Night

Colin of Slice Harvester is having a one-year anniversary party tomorrow night at the City Reliquary in Brooklyn. Part of the festivities include a pizza contest. I'll quote him: The event is from 6-10pm at City Reliquary and will be featuring, among other things, a WEIRD PIZZA CONTEST! Judged by myself, and two "celebrity judges," to quote from the press release, "prizes will be awarded to:Most SavoryMost SweetStrangest Combination of ingredientsFunniest Looking If you've followed Colin's adventures, you'd know that he only eats plain slices for his reviews. This, he says, is a chance for friends and readers to torment... More

The Pieman's Craft at Una Pizza Napoletana

Photograph from Paulie Gee on Flickr On Saturday Slice–Serious Eats sponsored a talk called The Pieman's Craft as part of the New York Wine & Food Festival. A crowd of about 35 people showed up for the event, including some familiar faces—and some new faces that we were able to put to Slice screen names (which is always fun!). Noted pizza expert Ed Levine talked to Anthony Mangieri, drawing out his piemaking history and, eventually, his philosophy. Photograph from Paulie Gee on Flickr The session was also a bit of a juxtaposition of styles, with Ed bringing some Vinny... More

Joey Chestnut Wins Pizza-Eating Competition

Joey Chestnut, the reigning hot-dog-eating champ, handily crossed over to pizza earlier today in Times Square, eating 45 slices in 10 minutes. That's roughly 1.7 pizzas a minute. According to the New York Daily News, "He folded the slices—very quickly—and shoved them into his mouth. He jumped around some, to help them go down the hatch, or knocked back water from paper cups. He never appeared to chew. The slices were the typical cheese and tomato sauce variety, dished from a 16-inch pie carved into eight wedges."... More

Slice Pizza Club No. 8: The Report

Slice reader Conduit Design Group just asked how Pizza Club No. 8 went. So, without further delay, the quick rundown. Numero Ocho was scheduled for this past Sunday at Coney Island. Unfortunately, so was a crappy nor'easter. Girl Slice and I made our way to Totonno's anyway, just in case any stalwart readers made the trip. Nobody did. Oh well. It turned into a soggy private date for just us two. We knew the Cyclone would be closed, but we exited at the Surf Avenue end of the station (above) because we had to meet any prospective attendees at noon... More

Judging in the America's Plate Pizza Competition

The following events took place last Tuesday, March 6, at the Javits Center in Manhattan, during the New York Pizza Show. I was on hand to judge in PMQ magazine's America's Plate pizza competition. Contestants came from Canada, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, and the U.S. I had wanted to live-blog the proceedings, but I experienced technical difficulties early in the day. So, here is the tape-delayed version of last week's events. 9:31 a.m.: I enter the Javits Center. It's my first time here. Lots of tall glass and concrete. Doesn't seem very inspiring for a building that in many... More

'The Gold Pizza'

Contestant No. 3: 'The Gold Pizza', blogged to Slice from the Flickr photostream of Slice Just one of many pizzas I ate today at the New York Pizza Show. Sorry I didn't blog from it as promised. The Javits Center's wifi sucked and wouldn't let me on after I paid for access. Report coming ...... More

Blogging from New York Pizza Show Today, Possibly

I'm heading over to the Javits Center, a big-ass convention center in Manhattan, to serve as a pizza judge in PMQ magazine's "America's Plate Competition," a pizza-off among several international pizzaioli—among others, contenders will include Americans, Chinese, Canadians, Luxembourgers, Italians, and Aussies (who, oddly enough, are the defending champs two years running). The contest is part of the New York Pizza Show, which has been going on since Sunday and ends today. While I'm there, I hope to get some pix, see some pizza sights, and possibly blog about it if there's wifi in there. (I'm assuming there's wifi... More

Gothamist Judges Long Island Pizza

IMG_6203.jpg, blogged to Slice from the Flickr photostream of gothamistllc Gothamist editor-at-large and friend of Slice Tien Mao served as judge last Saturday at the Best of Long Island Pizza contest. Five Long Island–based pizzerias competed in each of five categories: regular, marinara, Sicilian, grandma, and specialty. In Mr. Mao's words: Our favorites from the day were Paradiso for regular pizza, Prince Umberto's in Sicilian, Paradiso's in marinara, Antino's in grandma, and Paradiso's in the specialty pizza. The winners for best pizza were Prince Umberto's for best regular and Sicilian, Paradiso for best marinara, Antino's for best grandma, and... More

Celebrating National Pizza Month

Speaking of our birthday, how perfect is it that it falls in October, which, many of you know, is National Pizza Month. Yeah, it seems like a gimmick cooked up by the major chains to sell more pies, but there's at least one individual taking this monthlong celebration to heart in the most sincere of ways. Sean Taylor (with friends, above) is literally making this October into 31 days of pizza. In his own words: In order to observe this month "the right way," I intend to eat at least a slice of pizza a day. I hope to... More

Sunday: Thrills and Slices at Coney

Creeping up into the sky. Stopping at the top and starting down. The girl grabbed my hand. I clutched it tight. I said good-bye to the ground. Just a reminder: The long-dormant Slice Pizza Club will be revived Sunday at noon in Coney Island. We'll be meeting outside the ticket booth of the Cyclone. At noon. As per tradition at Slice, we'll ride the world-famous roller coaster once or thrice on what is its opening day (Palm Sunday every year) and then adjourn to nearby Totonno's for some pizza. As is usually the case, this Slice Pizza Club event is... More

Slice Pizza Club: Annual Coney Field Trip

We're reconvening the Slice Pizza Club, which hasn't seen action in more than a year! Coney Island's Cyclone roller coaster reopens for the season on Sunday, April 09. We're gonna meet on the corner by the 'Clone's ticket booth at noon. We'll ride the ride once or thrice and then adjourn to nearby Totonno's for some coal-oven goodness. If you're in, e-mail me at adam [at] sliceny [dot] com. I don't know how we're gonna do it if we get too many people (Totonno's is only so big), but who cares. The more the merrier! See you there, and, as... More

A Smashing Success

2:30 a.m. I'm a little tipsy and a bit tired as I write this. Please forgive the lack of logical structure and/or spelling mistakes that are sure to follow. —Ed. Photo by Youngna, from her Flickr photostream The inaugural Gothamist-Slice Pizza Party was great! Thanks to everyone who turned out. Thanks to Tien, Jen, and Jake over at Gothamist for helping organize the event. And biggest thanks of all to Michael Ayoub and his staff at Fornino, who pumped out tons of pizza for us all. By Mr. Ayoub's estimates, the crowd of about 110 people ate slightly more than... More

Gothamist-Slice Pizza Party Reminder

Just a reminder to anyone who reserved tickets for the Gothamist-Slice Pizza Party at Fornino: Please complete your payment by 10 p.m. tonight or we will send hired goons to break your legs. OK. Not really. But you'll lose your reservation if you don't. Anyone interested in getting on the standby list should e-mail pizzaparty [at] sliceny [dot] com. We anticipate spots opening up, as a lot of folks who reserved haven't paid yet. Just e-mail us with your name and number of desired tickets (limit 4 per person). We'll let you know tomorrow morning whether there's room or not.... More

Gothamist-Slice Pizza Party

UPDATE: ALL TICKETS SPOKEN FOR. But, people being people, we expect a certain number of cancelations. So feel free to e-mail to get on the standby list (there are only a few names on standby so far). Cancelations will be filled with standby names on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on number of open slots. E-mail pizzaparty [at] sliceny [dot] com. I hope you're hungry, 'cause get a load'a this: Slice and Gothamist have put together a pizza party at Fornino in Williamsburg. Tickets will be $26.06 each and include all-you-can-eat pizza as well as beer or wine. We only... More

'Battle of the Boroughs' Pizza Contest

A SLICE WITH LIFE A slice with LIFE? Make Make that five slices with LIFE. The magazine, reincarnated in 2004 as a weekend newspaper insert, asked me to serve on a panel of five judges in its "Battle of the Boroughs" pizza contest. Five slices, five boroughs, five pizzerias, five judges: Let the conspiracy theorists go wild. To find the best of each borough, the magazine tallied votes on its website a few weeks ago. Reppin' their respective regions were: DeMarco's (Manhattan), Joe & Pat's (Staten Island), L&B Spumoni Gardens (Brooklyn), Louie & Ernie's (The Bronx), and Singas Famous (Queens).... More

Scenes from the New York Pizza Show

As you may know, pizza trade journal Pizza Marketing Quarterly held its New York Pizza Show earlier this month. Unfortunately, Slice was unable to attend. PMQ had sent us some passes to the show and we didn't want them to go to waste, so gave them to reader David Dunlop and asked him to take a few photos if possible. His photos are above, and here's what he had to say about the show: So I went, and, as anticipated, it was very owner/operator oriented. Lots of booths touting things from marketing companies (mascots, car toppers, flashing LED things) to... More

Hey, Cheap-Ass ...

IMG_2750 From Flickr member jenchung. Get thee to Lombardi's. (Doesn't quite have the ring of a nunnery, but what are you going to do?) Slice predicts lines to rival those of any major religious pilgrimage when Lombardi's throws open its doors on the 5¢ pie deal today. Looks like Lombardi's is predicting the same thing. And Gothamist editor Jen Chung provides the photographic evidence via her Flickr photo stream. Anyone else in the neighborhood today is encouraged to send Slice shots of the line or your feast, should you brave that line.... More

Win Tickets to the New York Pizza Show

Pizza Marketing Quarterly returns this year with its second annual New York Pizza Show. This pizza industry trade expo spans tomorrow and Wednesday at the Javits Center and features exhibitor booths, guest speakers*, and the U.S. Pizza Team try-outs. Unfortunately, this is the second year Slice will be unable to attend, as all the editors here have day jobs. That means we've got some extra entry passes to pass along to some lucky readers. So if you've got time to attend the Pizza Show tomorrow or Wednesday, let us know. The passes are all spoken for. Sorry. How to Win:... More

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