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Chronicles of a 5-Day Pizza Cleanse

Cleanses and detoxes rear their heads every year around the holidays—they're a way of rationalizing all that pie we'll be shoving in our faces soon. Unfortunately, they're also kind of a drag! Why not just eat what you love? Luckily, the folks over at Thrillist put that idea to the test, with this epic Pizza Cleanse. More

Patsy's Celebrates 80 Years with a New Queens Pizzeria

In the 80 years since Patsy Lancieri opened his East Harlem pizzeria, Patsy's has maintained its status as an iconic New York destination for pizza pilgrims around the world. Current owner Frank Brija, who has manned the Patsy's helm for more than 30 years, intends to celebrate the restaurant's anniversary with a new location, in the Whitestone neighborhood of Queens. More

Eat More Pizza, Don't Get Cancer

Pizza gets a bad rap. I'm always being asked how I can eat so much pizza and not be worried about my health. (My cholesterol and vitals actually check out pretty well, thank you very much, haters.) So you know what I tell em? At least I'm not going to get prostrate cancer! Of course, I'm a woman, but some new studies make a pretty good case that common pizza ingredients have preventative properties. More

Pizza Prize Causes Rise in Connecticut Traffic Tickets Issued

[Photograph: mjb on Flickr] Connecticut state troopers got a gubernatorial smack on the wrist after a memo went around that incentivized officers to issue more traffic tickets in order to have a chance at winning a pizza. The memo was meant to motivate the troopers with some friendly competition, but when word reached the upper levels of the command chain, the pizza program was deemed illegal. I bet all the recipients of Connecticut traffic violations wish they knew that their out was to offer the cop writing the ticket a slice. [Via courant.com] About the author: Meredith Smith is... More

Confirmed: Pizzetteria Brunetti Making Moves into NYC

"When we opened our little pizza place in Westhampton Beach, Pop wanted three things. First to make it onto Slice. Second, to make it into the New York Times — and we accomplished both. Third is to open in NYC, and we are working toward making miracle 3 happen. In fact I'm moving into the city this week so I can have my ear to the streets and keep an eye on retail that becomes available. Let me just say how grateful i am that these forums exist for people to share their passion for pizza that everyone can share together." —Jason Brunetti More

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