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Poll: Sugar in Tomato Sauce, Way or No Way?

Niki Achitoff-Gray 76 comments

Is that a hardworking teaspoon of sugar just mindin' it's own business OR is it the shot heard 'round the world? If you frequent Slice, you may have spotted the recent re-emergence of a longstanding debate regarding Kenji's New York style pizza sauce. The recipe calls for a modest addition of sugar, and a whole lot of folks are just not having it. So, we want to know. Is that (biggish) pinch of sugar no big deal or utter, heinous blasphemy? More

Ed's Cosmic Pizza Blab: Sauce

Ed Levine 25 comments

What about sauce, the oft-forgotten or rarely mentioned pizza element? Sauce is most often mentioned as an unabashed negative. Canned pizza sauce is of course a no-no. But what is the yes-yes of pizza sauces? What makes good pizza sauce good? Is there only one truly righteous pizza sauce? What do the pizza gods say about sauce? More

From Serious Eats Talk: Good Pizza Sauce Recipe?

Quick Bites Adam Kuban Closed

On SE Talk, juniejones76 asks: "Does anyone have, or know of a link to, a great pizza sauce recipe? I'm really looking for something simple and a little on the sweet side." Unleash the saucy brainpower of the Slice hivemind here »... More

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