'Pizza Shop' on Serious Eats

Closings: The Pizza Shop on Avenue A

EV Grieve has the lowdown: We closed the Pizza Shop because the rent was too high. We struggled every month to make it... someone gave me an offer on the space and i decided it was best to take it.... Former owner Kevin Cole tells EV Grieve he's looking for a new location and urges fans of the place to get in touch via email for notification if and when he reopens. The Pizza Shop is the place that did fun, limited-edition boxes of punk rock icons like The Clash and The Ramones.... More

The Clash Appears on Limited-Edition Punk-Rock Pizza Boxes

Gothamist has a good bit about limited-edition punk-rock pizza boxes at Pizza Shop on Avenue A. The first 1,500 punk-rock pizza boxes will feature an image of the Clash on them. The next edition will be the Ramones, Gothamist says. And Grub Street reports that Pizza Shop has commissioned Arturo Vega, the dude who did the Ramones' logo, to design its pizza box. Very cool. Pizza Shop 110 Avenue A, New York NY 10009 (at 7th Street; map) 212-614-9798... More

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