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Pizza Obsessive: Albert Grande, Creator of 'Pizza Therapy'

Pizza Obsessives Adam Kuban 1 comment

Name: Albert Grande Location: Mililani, Hawaii Website(s): pizzatherapy.com, legendsofpizza.com, pastatherapy.com, mypizzaface.com, pizzatherapy.blogspot.com, legendsofpizza.com/blog, @pizzatherapy on Twitter Pizza Therapy is probably the first pizza-obsessed website I saw on the web. It's like it was always there. But when did you start it? Pizza Therapy started in 1999 on a free hosting service. It ran that way for about a year. I purchased the domain in 2000. After I registered the domain, I moved the site to our own Internet server. It's been evolving ever since. Why did you start it? The site came about as a way to honor my dad.... More

Why This 'NYT' Article Is Good for Pizza

Adam Kuban 12 comments

The New York Times's Oliver Strand gets his fingers in the flour in a story about homemade pizza today. Does this signify a new "pizza moment"? I hope so. But let me qualify that a bit. Parallel to the surge of new pizzerias, there's been a DIY pizza movement quietly building momentum in kitchens and backyards everywhere. So while I say that the publication of this Times article may signify a "new pizza moment," in truth this DIY pizza moment has been happening all along. What's new is that it's finally getting the attention it deserves. More

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