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My Pie Monday: Potatoes, Deep Dish, Eggs, and More!

Today we've got a gorgeous potato and thyme pie from Scott D, a Pequod's-style deep dish pizza from FredipusRex, and a seriously delicious-looking pie from Pizzacommander's pizza party (why didn't we get an invite?)...But that's not all—Norma's working her milk kefir starter, Professorplum shares a nice Margherita, Patrick B made a ham, egg, and cheese pie, and there are more tasty pizzas from FoolishPoolish, Bartonkt, dmcavanagh, Tdpl, TScarborough, ESNY1077 , thearrogantchef, and first time MPM'r Soles. More

Ovid, New York: The Copper Oven

[Photograph: Brooks "Pizzacommander" Jones] On his pizza blog, Brooks "Pizzacommander" Jones writes about a really neat-looking mobile copper-clad pizza oven in Ovid, New York (about a half hour north of Ithaca, if that means anything to you). I've been to Ithaca a number of times, and the people around there are nuts about local food. So it's not surprising that the couple who run the pizzeria (located on the Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery) try to cook with farm-fresh ingredients whenever possible. The Cream of Mushroom Soup pizza sounds especially intriguing: This is a new one on me, but who... More

My Pie Monday: Brooks 'Pizzacommander' Jones's Broiled Neapolitan Pizza

Brooks "Pizzacommander" Jones checks in today with this pizza, saying: This is a Neapolitan I made with buffalo mozzarella using Foolish Poolish's "all-broiler method." Now if I could only repeat it.... Thanks, Brooks! Of course, can't you repeat something like this at your place of employment? How to share your "My Pie" photo: Ideally your photo should be 600 pixels wide. Email it to adam@sliceny.com. If you'd like, tell us a little about it. You don't have to go long—just what's on it, what you use to cook it, a link to the recipe(s) you use, whatever you think... More

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