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Philadelphia: Pizzeria Stella Reviewed in the 'Philadelphia Inquirer'

[Photographs: Pizzeria Stella] The Philadelphia Inquierer's Craig LaBan files a rave review of restaurateur Stephen Starr's relatively new Pizzeria Stella in the City of Brotherly Love. Did someone say love? Because, damn, LaBan LOVES the pies here. While LaBan still views Marc Vetri's Osteria as the gold standard of pizza in Philly, "...no restaurant has refined the eat-in pizza experience with the single-minded focus, quality ingredients, and overall finesse of Stella." Oh, and after the jump, our man Ed Levine makes a cameo in LaBan's review.... More

'Philadelphia Inquirer' on Stephen Starr's New Pizzeria Stella

Apologies in advance to The Illadelph, whose summary of this interesting piece of pizza journalism I'm basically aping here. But the 'Delph has deftly picked out the major points of this piece from Rick Nichols of the Philadelphia Inquirer, and I'm not sure any astute pizza nerd would blockquote anything different. So here goes. Regarding restaurateur Stephen Starr's new Pizzeria Stella in the City of Brotherly Love, it appears that the various pizza tours Starr and associates went on weren't for naught. They combined a number of details from different pizzerias to come up with something familiar yet different: The... More

Stephen Starr's Philadelphia Pizzeria to Be 'Brooklyn-Style'

Radio station KYW uncovers some new details on Philadelphia restaurant mogul Stephen Starr's impending pizzeria: "I've been wanting to do pizza for a long time because I usually do things that I want. And I can't get really good pizza here in Philadelphia, so I'm just doing what I want to eat!"..."It's going to be real thin-crust, Brooklyn-style pizza, which you'd think is served here but it's not. Here it's just thick, doughy pizza. We're doing a lot of research on this." Tentative name: Pizza Select. Starr is shooting for a fall opening. [via The Illadelph]... More

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