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Portland, Maine: Micucci's Sicilian Slabs

Liz Bomze 23 comments

The "Sicilian Slabs" at Micucci Grocery Store in Portland, ME are a "geography" of primary colors: puffy red peaks, creamy chasms of white cheese, and charred black bubbles of crust. More

United States Of Pizza: Maine

United States of Pizza Alexander Edelman 21 comments

Pizza in the state of Maine can be divided into three primary categories: the longstanding local state-wide chains that have been serving pizza to hungry Mainers for generations, Greek-style pizza baked in an oiled pan, and lately, a flowering of upstart, ingredient-focused gourmet pizza. More

Flatbread Company: 'Wonderfully Wonderful'

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 13 comments

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got an awesome, awesome review of Flatbread Company pizza up in Portland, Maine. Thanks to homeslice Dustin for dropping this cheesebomb on us! Avid fan of Slice here who first off wants to thank you for your daily distracting posts, which most certainly help the work day go by far more easier. The concept of "food porn" always seemed weird to me, but there's no doubt that my addiction to your site (which obviously stems from my addiction to pizza), has enlightened me to understand said concept. And it's come to the... More

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