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Daily Slice: Prosciutto Cotto at Franny's, Brooklyn

A forerunner of the artisanal pizza boom that's swept New York, Franny's doesn't get as much press nowadays; it's been edged out by places like Motorino and Paulie Gee's for the title of "latest and greatest." Still, with airy, chewy, crisp-edged crusts, great exterior char, and real hole structure, Franny's still makes some damn good pizza. More

Daily Slice: Amorina, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

October! National Pizza Month! This month we'll be bringing you Daily Slice, quick snapshots of slices and pies all of us at the Serious Eats empire have been enjoying lately. —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Carey Jones] Amorina in Brooklyn's Prospect Heights is a neighborhood joint in the best of ways—casually friendly waitstaff, close-together tables, cheap half-liters of decent house wine, a general feeling of warmth and conviviality. A good place to be on a cold fall night. They've got a long list of 12-inch pizzas, which they call Roman-style; crusts are thin but pliant, a little crunch, a little chew. They're... More

Where to Get Clam Pizza in NYC

Photograph from "Boppadopoulos" on Flickr New York magazine gives a rundown on where to get clam pizza in New York City: Franny's: 295 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217 (b/n Prospect and St. Marks; map); 718-230-0221; frannysbrooklyn.comBussaco: 833 Union Street, Brooklyn NY 11217 (near Seventh Avenue; map); 718-857-8828Lombardi's: 32 Spring Street, New York NY 10012 (near Mott Street; map); 212-941-7994; firstpizza.comOtto: 1 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10003 (corner of 8th Street; map); 212-995-9559; ottopizzeria.comFornino: 187 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211 (at North 7th Street; map); 718-384-6004South Brooklyn Pizza: 451 Court Street, Brooklyn NY 11231 (near 4th Place; map); 718-852-6018... More

The 'Gatekeepers' at Franny's

Eater.com The restaurant blog Eater has a great series called "The Gatekeepers," in which they interview the host or hosts at a given venue. Today they talk to Sarah Gaskins and Nekisia Davis of Franny's: What's the most outrageous request from a customer you've had to accommodate? SG: We once sat 25 people who were on a New York pizza tour. They showed up in a school bus with a mega-phone. After ordering eight pizzas and taking over the whole restaurant, they moved on to the next stop. Hmm ... I wonder what pizza tour they're talking about?... More

A Saturday Pizza Tour

From left: A Di Fara half-plain, half-artichoke pie; pizza-makers at Franny's; an Isabella's Oven Margherita D.O.C.; Una Pizza Napoletana's marinara pie. Last year around this time Slice/Serious Eats contributed to Pim Techamuanvivit's Menu for Hope charity raffle. Our giveaway was a guided pizza tour for four. Well, the winners—Anthony Kinik and Michelle Marek of Montreal food blog An Endless Banquet—finally made us make good on our prize. (It took them almost a year because they live in Montreal and I secretly think they were waiting for the loonie to beat the dollar before making a trip to the U.S.)... More

The Pizza Express

After starting a six-pizzeria pizza crawl at Franny's, travelers board the" Pizza Express." This afternoon I had the pleasure of riding aboard what I'll call the Scott Wiener Pizza Express. Scott Wiener is a true pizza lover, one who keeps a pizza journal that's legendary among those who know him, and his love and enthusiasm for the pie is truly infectious. So much so that a little more than 20 people showed up for a tour that would take us from Prospect Heights to deep Brooklyn, up to East Harlem, and back again to Brooklyn (see map, after the... More

We've Heard of 'No Slices,' But 'No Slicing'?

Last week, New York Times food critic Frank Bruni was all about restaurant accessibility vis-à-vis wheelchairs. This week, Bruni shares some emails regarding the piece, including this snip on Franny's: It’s understandable that cozy little NYC restaurants might not have enough of a turn radius to accommodate wheel chairs, frustrating though it may be. Having had a relative in a wheelchair I can sympathize with your dining companion. But not slicing a pizza for someone who had just undergone neurosurgery on her (writing) hand because “the chef doesn’t do that,” forcing her husband to slice it for her, is unconscionable.... More

Franny's in the 'Times'

Oh. I forgot to blog about this yesterday. And many of you have probably seen it already, but Frank Bruni, food critic for the New York Times, reviewed Franny's in yesterday's paper. Here are the relevant pizza snips: Artisanal pizza may be all the rage, but it’s the rare pizzaiolo who spreads dough thin enough and gets a brick oven hot enough to produce the gorgeous blisters like those on Franny’s best pies. And the restaurant’s soppressata has a suppleness that would make Armandino Batali blush. And A clam pizza at Franny’s isn’t one of those clumsy pies studded with... More

From the Mailbag: 'The Definitive Top 10 List'

An interesting item hit the Slice inbox yesterday. OK guys, put this in your pie and smoke it! A couple of caveats: The list isn't quite as definitive as it claims to be, as it is missing any critical analysis of Staten Island, Queens, and Bronx joints. When you guys post this on the site (front page, please), perhaps you may want to refer to it as "The Definitive Manhattan and Brooklyn Top 10 List." We've all been to these places enough times to know what's going on and who's coming with their A game and who isn't. Seltzerboy, as... More

Openings: Amorina

New York Metro reports: After opening what might be New York's most idiosyncratic wine bar—Prospect Heights' rustic Aliseo Osteria del Borgo—Albano Ballerini continues to remake burgeoning Vanderbilt Avenue in his own offbeat culinary image. Ballerini's family has been in the food business since his grandmother opened a café in the Marche region of Italy, and in her honor, he's transformed a Brooklyn slice joint into a boutique focacceria. Pizza chef Ruth Kaplan, an Aliseo customer and avid home cook whose puffy, free-form pies got her the Amorina gig, has a toppings repertoire that runs the gamut from classic (tomatoes and... More

Franny's In The New Yorker

Slice let its subscription to the New Yorker lapse. Between the piles of unread issues and the mountain of empty pizza boxes, the office was getting a bit out of hand. Considering that we couldn't give up pizza, the weekly reader had to go. Still, with the help of eagle-eye readers, we remain aware of any pizza news that passes in the pages of that legendary magazine. Like this review of Franny's in the Tables for Two column: A pizzeria may seem like an unlikely place to be schooled in socially responsible consumerism, but the menu at Franny’s offers a... More

A Fast Franny's Re-Review

Franny's Location: 295 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn (Prospect Heights/Park Slope) Phone: 718-230-0221 Payment Accepted: Cash, cardsA friend of Slice is in town this week, and she's staying conveniently close to Franny's, the relatively new pizzeria and wine bar located on the border of Prospect Heights and Park Slope. When we originally reviewed Franny's, on opening night, we were impressed but still hoped for more from the crust and the service. We've been a couple times since then, and last night was the best we've had there yet. The crust was crisp yet almost impossibly pliant and chewy. Paper thin in... More

Franny's in 'New York' Magazine

An interesting item recenly appeared in New York magazine calling Franny's the best pizza in New York: What, exactly, is New York pizza? That's a charged question in a town where pizza partisans—and that means everyone—love nothing more than arguing the merits of this crust, that cheese, or a sauce that's seen livelier days. And there's no easy answer. The sad truth, although it mostly goes unsaid, is that New York pizza isn't what it used to be. The great dynastic names live on, some deservedly, some not, in the coal-fired collective memory, generating long, nostalgic lines and self-perpetuating word-of-mouth,... More

Franny's in 'amNewYork'

In today's edition of amNY, Josh Lichtman reviews Franny's, the new wine bar–pizzeria on Flatbush Avenue. Because of amNY's limited online presence, I can't link you to it, but here's a PDF of the page the review appears on. Some highlights: With a long vibrant dining room, soft lighting and good jazz, Franny's is an ideal spot to unwind. Along with Manhattan style—more Madison Avenue than Flatbush Avenue—Franny's also has Manhattan prices....The main attraction is the individual pizza ($9-$14), cooked in an Italian wood-burning oven. While I love the fresh toppings, the crust is too soft and lacks the flavor... More


A Preliminary Assessment Clockwise from bottom left: A tomato, mozzarella, and fennel-sausage pie ($14); a tomato-and-mozzarella pie ($10); Franny's window signage; our friend "N" digs in. (These photos look like ass because the lighting was dim and I didn't want to arouse suspicion with flash photography.) Last night was opening night at Franny's, the latest entity participating in the rapid gentrification of Flatbush Avenue from Saint Mark's Place to Sterling Place. While I have no opinion on the oft-touchy subject of affluent renewal-and-replacement, I do have a mad interest in pizza and so wasn't that upset to see a wood... More

Franny's: A New Wood-Oven Place Coming To Prospect Heights-Park Slope Area

When we asked readers to name their favorite slice joint in Park Slope, we got some nice responses, among them a tip from Slopester blogger Astrid: "Did you know that Franny's, on the Prospect Heights side off Flatbush, is going to be a brick-oven place? Let's keep our fingers crossed for tasty pies." Thanks, Astrid. My friend BZ, who lives a few doors down from Franny's, had mentioned something about it a couple weeks ago, but I wasn't paying attention and didn't catch that it was going to be a pizza place. Your comment helped me put two and two... More

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