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Lidia Bastianich Is a Fan of Provel (and St. Louis-Style Pizza)

Adam Kuban Post a comment

Zoinks! None other than Italian cooking maven Lidia Bastianich gives her seal of approval to provel, the, ahem, unique cheese used on St. Louis–style pizza More

Farotto's, St. Louis: Thin, Sweet, and Provel'd

Kevin Hayes 12 comments

Since Imo's, the most popular chain of pizzerias in the St. Louis, has been covered not once, but twice by Slice contributors, I decided to branch out on a recent visit to St. Louis and check out another local institution, Farotto's. More

Imo's Pizza: St. Louis' Inexplicably Addictive Pie

Daniel Zemans 35 comments

Serious Eats Chicago contributor Daniel Zemans checks in with another piece of intel from the road, this time in St. Louis. —The Mgmt. Imo's Pizza 742 S 4th Street, St. Louis MO 63102 (map); 314-421-4667‎; imospizza.com Pizza Style: Cracker thin crust Oven Type: Convection The Skinny: St. Louis's signature pizzeria is a treat for those of us who have acquired the taste but understandably far from it to those who have not Price: 12-inch with sausage, $10.66 Gefilte fish. Chitterlings. Thousand-year-old-eggs. Provel cheese. What do these four foods have in common? To the extent that it's possible to have... More

Judah Friedlander Hates St. Louis-style Pizza

Adam Kuban 14 comments

Wow. From Grub Street's "New York Diet" series, 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander on St. Louis–style pizza: I can tell you what I had the weekend before that I’m still obsessed with. I had a gig in St. Louis. Nice people, St. Louis, but I’ve never seen an entire city fuck up a pizza so bad. I get a ride from the airport to the hotel. We pass by an Imo’s pizza, which is a large chain there, and the guy starts getting a boner for this pizza place. So I go “Hey, how’s this place,” and he goes “awwww, dude,... More

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