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Scott's Pizza Chronicles: Who Is Pulcinella?

ScottWiener 14 comments

Have you ever noticed the creepy guy hanging out in Neapolitan pizzerias? No, not Adam Kuban. I'm talking about Pulcinella. He's always wearing a puffy white getup, matching white hat, and a black mask with a long, pointy nose. Maybe you haven't noticed him, but Pulcinella is usually within ten feet of most wood-fired ovens in the form of paintings and figurines. Who is this guy and why is he associated with pizza? We'll have to go back a few centuries to find out. More

Seattle: Pulcinella Plays by the Neapolitan Rules

Slice: Seattle Adam Lindsley 8 comments

Pulcinella is Seattle's fourth VPN-certified pizzeria. And like its three competitors, the pizza served here is almost entirely by-the-book Neapolitan. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as long as that's what you're looking for. More

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