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Road Trip: Eating Pies a la Quebecois

Natasha Pickowicz 13 comments

On a recent road trip through the Quebec province, we unearthed two terrific pizza restaurants, each bearing their own distinctive regional style. At Gerry Pizza, thick old-school crust bears Quebec City-specific toppings like Matane shrimp and scallops. In the remote village of Kamouraska, Pizza Mag is making delicious Neapolitan-American-style pies, with plenty of French flare. (There's crème fraîche on almost everything!) More

LaSalle Pie Taste-off: Centrale vs. Dani's Pizzeria 'Spéciale'

Natasha Pickowicz 3 comments

The "Spéciale" is a bit of a grease-bomb, but undeniably comforting. The contenders are Centrale and Dani's. Read on to see which old school Montreal pizzeria does it best in La Salle! More

Via Ristorante: A Hidden Gem in Montréal-Nord

Natasha Pickowicz 1 comment

An irresistible hybrid of Greek and bar styles, the pies at Montréal-Nord's Via Ristorante, including the Funghi Misti from the secret-menu, are certainly among the best old-school Montreal specimens I've ever eaten. More

Pizza D'Agostino: Old-School Montreal Pizza at Its Best

Natasha Pickowicz 17 comments

There are many legendary dishes that are unique to the Quebec region—like poutine and smoked meat sandwiches—but outside of the province, most people aren't familiar with the "old-school" style pies that dominate the local pizza scene. More

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