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Road Trip: Eating Pies a la Quebecois

On a recent road trip through the Quebec province, we unearthed two terrific pizza restaurants, each bearing their own distinctive regional style. At Gerry Pizza, thick old-school crust bears Quebec City-specific toppings like Matane shrimp and scallops. In the remote village of Kamouraska, Pizza Mag is making delicious Neapolitan-American-style pies, with plenty of French flare. (There's crème fraîche on almost everything!) More

The Pizza Crêpe. Not as Awesome as You'd Think It Could Be

[Photograph: Seltzerboy] Long, long, longtime Slice'rs will remember Seltzerboy from the early days of this site. He was one of our founding editors and someone I learned a great deal about NYC pizza from. Anyway, he recently returned from a vacation to Quebec City and sends this intel on a pizza crêpe he encountered there: This was the pizza crêpe we had at the tourist-trap restaurant next to Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, in Quebec City's Upper Town. Correction: The pizza crêpe that Seltzerlady had. My asparagus-and-white-sauce crêpe was bad enough, and I didn't need two bad crêpes in one... More

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