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Quote of the Day: 'Time Remaining...'

Quote of the Day"Pizza tracker? F*** yeah, the pizza tracker. If you don't know what the pizza tracker is, then get your ass online right now and order a pizza from Domino's. It's the equivalent of a loading bar on a web browser, except at the end of the loading you get a delicious pizza." Mark H., on UHpinions.com

[And if you think that quote is good, the story it comes from is even better. If it's to be believed, the Domino's deliveryman saved Mark H.'s life. Via @mathowie]


Quote of the Day

"I've been making pizza dough lately. And I'm pretty sure the calzone was invented when a pizza got stuck on the peel..." — Richard Blais (Top Chef Season Four runner-up) on Twitter... More

Quote of the Day

"That skinny bitch hasn't eaten a pizza in 50 years." —Kyle P. Freeley on Facebook, responding to dbcurrie's advice to "pretend you're making a pizza for Barbie," on her windowpaning how-to... More

Quote of the Day: Anthony Mangieri on What Will Make Una Pizza Napoletana Stand Out in SF

"Well, I've been meaning to come out here for a long time. I guess you could say that the timing took too long. But, look, I started this whole wacky frenzy [about Neapolitan pizza]. All those other guys know that. Everyone who's planning on opening a Neapolitan pizzeria has been to my place in NYC to check it out. I've tried the pizza at some of the new places out here. It's all good and it's all different. But I've been making pizza since I was 15 years old. I started Una Pizza Napoletana in 1996 when no one else... More

Quote of the Day

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] "I think the whole thing about people having to choose between a slice and cone, I don't see it that way," [K! Pizzacone's] mysterious silent partner said in a phone interview. "You may want pizza in a cone one day or a slice another. I don't see it as a replacement, I see it as a different way of eating it." —New York Press Related: K! Pizzacones Come to NYC! (with video of the unboxing!) »... More

Quote of the Day

"You mean it'll no longer be cold pizza delivered by a seedy drifter? Is that what you're tellin' me? ... They're changing the recipe and now they say it'll actually taste like pizza." —David Letterman, during last night's monologue... More

Quote of the Day

"Mashed potato, caramelized onion and bacon pizza sounds like a train wreck; I think you might want to rethink that one." --dmcavanaugh, on Serious Eats Talk... More

Quote of the Day: A Maxim to Eat Pizza By

"... One of my rules is, always try a pizza that dates back to the 1950s. There is always a small possibility that in the intervening 35+ years, they have NOT screwed it up by trying to make it more like Domino’s or something." —Michael Gebert, on Bill's Pizza in Mundelein, Illinois, which he finds surprisingly good... More

Quote of the Day: Di Fara After the Hype

"It starts with hipsters trickling into Midwood, probably the most unhip neighborhood in all the five boroughs. This is a ZIP code where people wear plastic bags on their heads when it rains. So why the skinny jeans and the Airwalk Kicks, the scruffy faux-slacker dudes and the ironic model-gorgeous-geek girls? 'They are lost,' I tell my wife. 'They are lost.'" —Peter Catapano, on Di Fara... More

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