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Randolph, MA: Eat Bar Pie at Lynwood Cafe

Slice: Boston Will Gordon 15 comments

I like bars and everybody likes pies, but I wasn't drawn to the words as a compound food noun for a couple of reasons. In these parts, it's served primarily in places where the food is, if not an afterthought, at least an after-the-booze-and-barely-before-the-Keno thought. But people kept raving to me about the pizza at the Lynwood Café in Randolph, a nice enough town about 20 miles south of Boston, so I stopped in to check it out. More


Adam Kuban 6 comments

[Photograph: Tien Mao on Flickr] I don't even know if people still do Caturday, but after seeing the photo above on my friend Tien's Flickr, I figured why the hell not? "I guess he remembers his youth," Tien writes, linking to this photo of Randolph as a kitten on a pizza box.... More

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