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Rome Report: The Greenwich at 00100 Pizzeria

Stefano Callegari, a pizza pioneer in Rome, owns several outstanding pizzerias and one pizza al taglio shop called 00100 PIZZA. The name refers to both the grade of flour, "00", used to make the dough and the zip code for Rome, "00100". Unlike the other pizza al taglio shops, this tiny place does several things differently. More

Rome: Pizzarium

I am not sure if it was the muted crunch that betrayed a crispness and airiness in the dough or the gasp of approval that left her lips as she finished the bite but I knew that something rather special was going on. I put down the camera and said "let me try that". What followed was a frenzied and orgiastic. We devoured all that lay before us. My camera was cast off like so many used napkins. Even Fashion Week and the need to look fabulously skinny was momentarily forgotten. The pizza at Pizzarium was quite simply extraordinary and completely irresistible. More

Rome: Da Baffeto II

The pizza here is vanishingly thin—a perfect example of the Roman style pie. It is crispy to a degree, especially around the outer circumference, but it warps and deforms under the torrent of cheese and sauce. The molten cheese swirls and churns on the top of the pie and appears like a stormy sea. More

The Three Best Pizzerias in Italy, According to Faith Willinger

Florence, Italy–based food writer and ur-American-in-Italy-Italian-food-expert Faith Willinger has named her three favorite pizzerias in Italy. Here's what she says ... Being passionate about pizza, I have decided to create the Unofficial Platinum Pizza Awards for the greatest pizzerias in Italy in three different categories--traditional, innovative, and by the slice. I've tasted all over the country. The winning pizzaioli are fanatical about pizza and share an obsession with quality flour, natural yeast, and lengthy rising, which results in a more flavorful and digestible crust. And we all know how important digestion is for Italians. And the winners of the Platinum... More

When in Rome: Dar Poeta

[Photographs: Nick Solares] Dar Poeta Vicolo del Bologna 45, Rome 00153, Italy; map); 39-06-6830-7769; Pizza Style: Roman Oven Type: Wood The Skinny: Wonderfully prepared Roman-style pizza with a crisp, yeast-free crust and fresh ingredients. The abundance of locals and the Italian-only menu indicate that this is the real deal, not a tourist trap (although they will gladly have you) Price: €6 to €9 It takes a bit of work to find Dar Poeta, tucked away as it is in one of the winding back alleys of the bustling Trastevere District of Rome. You may be seduced by the more... More

Dear Slice: 'What Does Pizza Cost in Rome?'

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got, um, a question I can't answer because I've never been to Rome. Anyone out there wanna chime in? --The Mgmt. Hello, What does a pizza cost in rome? I need a little help/direction before I can start. Any nuggets of wisdom would be absolutely great and very much appreciated. Please help. Thank you for your help.Warmest Regards,Janet... More

Snapshots from Italy: Chasing Pizza Bianca in Rome

Many foods have their particular fans; some induce outright passion. But few incite love and praise like the Roman pizza bianca. Ed's devotion to Jim Lahey's version is well-documented, and Jeffrey Steingarten has written about the bread with rapture usually reserved for poetry and rigor more typical of a PhD thesis than a bakery review. (There must be something magical in those ovens.) The pizza bianca bears little resemblance to any New York, Chicago, or Neapolitan pie. A simple dough of flour, water, and yeast is swiped with olive oil and sprinkled with salt—no cheese, tomato, or pepperoni in... More

Mozzarella and the Mozzer

Morrissey. If you're familiar with the man and his music, the word mope springs to mind long before mozzarella does. Although, with nicknames like "Moz" or "Mozzer," you might be excused were you to search for a pizza connection to the former Smiths frontman and lyricist. Such was the case this morning when I plopped down at my desk after having seen the man in action at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom last night. In fact, the evening started with a couple slices of pizza at nearby New York Pizza Suprema. Doors opened early for the show, so my fellow fans... More

Which City Has the Best Pizza?

My friend and former editor, the brilliant Sam Sifton, developed the Pizza Cognition Theory, which postulates that the first pizza a person eats becomes the standard by which that person judges all pizza he or she subsequently eats. According to Sam, "The first slice of pizza a child sees and tastes (and somehow appreciates on something more than a childlike, mmmgoood, thanks-mom level), becomes, for him, pizza. He relegates all subsequent slices, if they are different in some manner from that first triangle of dough and cheese and tomato and oil and herbs and spices, to a status that we... More

Rome: Taverna della Scala Ristorante

Reaching into the Slice mailbag today we find a tasty-looking photo from reader Paul Lang: Adam, I'm a fan of the blog and recently went to Europe for a quick trip. In Rome (Trastaverre was the specific neighborhood), my wife and I ate at Taverna della Scala Ristorante. We had a terrific pizza Margherita (photo attached) that had the perfect combination of crisp crust, appropriate amount of cheese, and fresh tomato sauce. Combined with the €9 house wine and a long day of hiking the city, this pizza really hit the spot. I thought I would send along the pizza... More

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