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Sacramento: Get Pizzacated at Luigi's Pizza Parlor

Becky Grunewald 7 comments

Luigi's Pizza Parlor, open since 1953, is as old-school as it gets in Sacramento. There are red-and-white gingham curtains, there are pinball games, there is a 50's era sign urging you to "get pizzacated at your TV party", and there is quintessential pizza parlor-style pizza. More

Sacramento: Toppings Save the Day at Hot Italian

Becky Grunewald 6 comments

Hot Italian is a Vespa sales outlet and clothing boutique that also sells pizza. Or is it a pizzeria that also sells T-shirts emblazoned with the words passione and veloce? The answer is that it's an unholy marriage of the two, but one that just about works. More

Zelda's Pizza: A Deep Dish Delight in Sacramento

Becky Grunewald 6 comments

Zelda's, a Sacramento institution since 1978, has probably been inspiring arguments for about that long. There are those misguided folks who say that the crust is too rich, that the wait is too long, that the place is a dive, that the servers are rude. I say those people are fools and that their souls are as dark as the pizzeria's Christmas-light-lit interior. More

Masullo Pizza: The Best Neapolitan Pies in Sacramento?

Becky Grunewald 10 comments

Before Masullo Pizza opened in Sacramento, the river city had a dearth of Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizza. In the two years since, with the opening of OneSpeed and Hot Italian, our quota has tripled, but I still think that the first is the best. More

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