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Salerno, Italy: Pizzeria da Riccardo

nextgospel 11 comments

Ever wonder what the difference between pizza in Naples and Salerno, Italy, was? The always-opinionated Gianluca Rottura touches on it in this off-the-cuff review on SE pizza blog Slice. More

Bronx Pizza Mini Crawl: Zero Otto Nove and Coals

Adam Kuban 4 comments

From left: A pizza Margherita from Zero Otto Nove and the Margherita from Coals. When you're on a pizza crawl, it's a rare that even one in five places you hit up is any good. Last night, on a mini crawl in the Bronx, we batted a thousand. (If you're slow with the baseball metaphors, that's a 100 percent success rate, folks.) Not that we went to even five places last night—just two. So who the hell knows if that even counts as a "crawl," but whatevs. It was our main objective—Ed Levine's and mine—to finally meet the mysterious... More

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