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First Look: Zero Otto Nove, Salernitano Pizza in the Flatiron District

The original Zero Otto Nove is wildly popular, having quickly built a following since Arthur Avenue restaurateur Roberto Paciullo (Roberto's) opened it in late 2007. Both locations serve Salerno-style pizza, which could easily be mistaken for its cousin, Neapolitan-style pizza. They're both cooked in a wood-oven, both round, both a similar size (about 12 inches in diameter). Both exhibit a minimalist restraint and a focus on ingredient quality rather than quantity. But where Neapolitan pizza is often "wet" in the center, with a puffy rim (the Italians call it the cornicione), Salerno-style pizza, according to longtime Slice'r Gianluca Rottura, is a bit more crisp and not as pillowy at the edge. After trying a trio of pizzas on Tuesday night at the Manhattan 089 (Zero Otto Nove is the Italian translation of Salerno's telephone area code), I began to think of the style as a sort of "missing link" between Neapolitan pizza and New York–style. More

Openings: Arthur Avenue's Zero Otto Nove Coming to Manhattan

Peter D. wrote to us on Sunday with the news that acclaimed Arthur Avenue pizza hotspot Zero Otto Nove is coming to Manhattan. Located at 15 West 21st Street (between Fifth and Sixth avenues), the new location, which has yet to open, seems to have found a good spot for the Neapolitan-esque style of pizza it makes. The only pizzeria of a similar vein is La Pizza Fresca (reviewed here) about 3 minutes away on 20th Street just off Broadway. More

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