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Snapshots from Sunday's Slice Meet-Up

Yesterday we had a Slice meet-up for A) the heck of it and B) well, to celebrate Slice's 7-year anniversary (October 13, for those keeping score at home). We met at DBA bar in the afternoon with the idea that Slice would order some pies in and that Slice'rs would bring a pie (or pies) from their local fave — or even make one of their own — to share. After a slow start, a nice-size crowd showed up — about 16 total, with five pizzerias represented — Rosario's on the Lower East Side of Manhattan; Sam's of Cobble Hill,... More

The Year in Pizza at Adult Education

Thanks to everyone out there who showed up to hear about "The Year in Pizza" at Adult Ed last night. My talk kind of got off to a rocky start (I'm not much of a public speaker), but thanks to your early laughs (either sincere or politely feigned), I soon found my bearings and delivered a not-horrible speech. Thanks, too, to Carrie McLaren and Stay Free! for presenting the series; Charles Star for emceeing; Jim Hanas for asking me to speak; and fellow speakers Patrick Di Justo, Joe Garden, and Marian Salzman; and, of course, Union Hall for providing... More

Aftermath: The Gothamist-Slice Pizza Party at Fornino

Photographs courtesy of Chewhound In the early minutes of the party, before the place got packed. Courtesy of Letsgoing So last night's Gothamist-Slice Pizza Party at Fornino was pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself. It was nice to see some familiar friends, great to finally put some faces to email addresses and screen names, and a pleasure to meet altogether-new pizza freaks. (If you attended and didn't figure it out, I was the guy checking names against the list as you came in. If I didn't get to chat with you, sorry; next time!) We had... More

Reminder: Gothamist-Slice Pizza Party Tonight

Just in case you forgot, the Gothamist-Slice Pizza Party is tonight at 7 p.m. Location: Fornino in Williamsburg (187 Bedford Ave., Bedford Ave. stop on the L train). If you've already bought tickets, your name will be on a list at the door. If you didn't buy tix already, sorry, Charlie. It's sold out. Better luck next year.... More

Gothamist-Slice Pizza Party at Fornino

Some of the many pizzas eaten at the Gothamist-Slice Pizza Party in 2006. Photograph by Tien Mao Almost exactly two years ago, Gothamist and Slice had a pizza party at Fornino in Williamsburg. It's been a long time, but we're happy to announce that we're having another pizza party at Fornino on April 7. When: Monday, April 7, 2008; 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. (or longer) Where: 187 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn (Williamsburg; Bedford stop on L; map) What: All-you-can-eat pizza, unlimited drinks (beer, wine, soda) How Much: $32 (click button below to pay) EVENT IS SOLD OUT! IF YOU... More

Slice Pizza Club No. 8: The Report

Slice reader Conduit Design Group just asked how Pizza Club No. 8 went. So, without further delay, the quick rundown. Numero Ocho was scheduled for this past Sunday at Coney Island. Unfortunately, so was a crappy nor'easter. Girl Slice and I made our way to Totonno's anyway, just in case any stalwart readers made the trip. Nobody did. Oh well. It turned into a soggy private date for just us two. We knew the Cyclone would be closed, but we exited at the Surf Avenue end of the station (above) because we had to meet any prospective attendees at noon... More

Slice Pizza Club No. 8: Totonno's

DETAILS: April 15. 12:30 p.m. The Cyclone. Coney Island Well, folks, how long's it been? How long since Slice has convened a Pizza Club? I think Slice tried to organize one last year, but it wasn't an "official" club meeting and did not get a numbered designation in the annuls of Slice history. Anyway, Pizza Club No. 8 will occur at a familiar location: Totonno's in Coney Island, the site of Club No. 2 in April of 2004. Before throwing back some pizza, though, we're going to ride the Cyclone, as per Slice tradition.... More

Slice Pizza Club: 'Clonetonno's

The Cyclone has been ridden and the pizza has been eaten, and so spring begins for Slice. Earlier today, Seltzerboy and I were joined by five friends of Slice in a tradition he and I have shared since 2001, way back in the pre-Slice era. On hand for the coaster ride were Dan, Katie, Tien, and our Queens correspondent, Chito. We met up in front of the 'Clone, bought tickets ($5 a ride), and submitted our bodies for a little Jazz Age G-force testing.... More

Sunday: Thrills and Slices at Coney

Creeping up into the sky. Stopping at the top and starting down. The girl grabbed my hand. I clutched it tight. I said good-bye to the ground. Just a reminder: The long-dormant Slice Pizza Club will be revived Sunday at noon in Coney Island. We'll be meeting outside the ticket booth of the Cyclone. At noon. As per tradition at Slice, we'll ride the world-famous roller coaster once or thrice on what is its opening day (Palm Sunday every year) and then adjourn to nearby Totonno's for some pizza. As is usually the case, this Slice Pizza Club event is... More

We Have a Winnah!

A winner in the Slice Pizza Haiku Contest, that is. We asked readers last week to compose a haiku and submit it for the chance to win one of three fabulous prizes. (Or maybe not so fabulous, depending on your penchant for Japanese snack food.) We had 18 entries (we expected more; come on, people!), so it was a tough decision, but here are the winners, as selected by yours truly.... Third Prize a.k.a. Second Runner-Up a.k.a. Bronze a.k.a. Show flour on marble blooms into flames crisping dough   bubbling cheese cools — N.H. Liao I thought Ms. Liao's... More

Slice Contest: Pizza Haiku

Want to get your hands on a box of Pizza Pretz? Enter the Slice Pizza Haiku contest and you just might. Let's not get into what does and doesn't define haiku and just say that what Slice is looking for is what most of us learned as children—the ol' unrhymed 5-7-5 syllable structure—but with a twist. It must be pizza themed. Send your pizza-themed haiku to adam (at) sliceny (dot) com with the words "Pizza Haiku" in the subject line. The best, as judged by me, will win three (3) boxes of Pizza Pretz and a 1.25-inch pin that... More


So, last night was the Food Blog Panel at Makor Center. As you might know, yours truly was a member of the panel, along with Alaina "A Full Belly" Browne and Josh "The Food Section" Friedland. Andrea Strong moderated. I don't have much to say about the event, because I didn't take notes, didn't record it, and I was a bit nervous so can't remember many details about what we all talked about. Perhaps later in the day my fellow panelists and some of our fellow foodbloggers in attendance will chime in on their sites and I'll link. We... More

Last-Minute Impromptu Pizza Club at Coney

Join Slice editors Adam K. and Seltzerboy as we ride the Cyclone and visit Di Fara Pizza. Meet us at the Cyclone at 6:30 p.m. We'll ride the ride and then head to Di Fara afterward. Bring cash. Both the Cyclone and Di Fara don't take plastic. Hope to see you there!... More

Slice Pizza Club: Coney Trip CANCELED

CANCELED DUE TO SCHRECKLICH WEATHER FORECAST. We missed our preferred date for our annual trip to Coney for the opening of the Cyclone (Slice editor in chief Adam K. was out of town at the time), but we're scheduling it for this Saturday. Join us for roller-coasterin' and pizza. As we did last year, let's meet at Nathan's at 12:30 p.m. We can grab a quick hot dog snack then head over to the 'Clone. Post-ride, we'll walk over to nearby Totonno's for some pies. A few tips: If you want to get photos on the Cyclone, be stealthy and... More

Slice Pizza Club No. 7: Slice On Ice, Feat. Angelo's Pizza

SLICE ON ICE: A SLICE OF THE SEASON 7:30 p.m.; Friday, December 17 Angelo's Pizza Location: 117 West 57th Street (b/n 6th/7th aves.) Phone: 212-333-4333 Getting There: Nearest train is the F/V at the 57th Street station. The Skinny: An oft-overlooked coal-oven place in the heart of Midtown. Wollman RinkLocation: Just north of the Central Park entrance at 59th Street and Sixth Ave. Phone: 212-439-6900 Cost(s): $11 entrance fee, $4.75 skate rental, $10 lock rental ($6.25 of which is a deposit that you get back on lock's return) The Skinny: To avoid the dreaded lock-rental fee, bring your own... More

Bringing a One-Year-Old to Patsy's

How Old Are You Now: Slice celebrated its one-year anniversary on Wednesday evening at Patsy's in East Harlem. Patsy's is one of our favorite pizzerias and is notable for being one of the few coal-fired-oven shops that sells pizza by the slice—for a buck fifty, no less (top right). PATSY'S Location: 2287 First Ave. (b/n 117th/118th) Getting There: 6 train to 116th; walk east to First; turn right; walk 1.5 blocks up Payment: Cash only The Skinny: One of our favorite pizzerias, but has suffered from inconsistent pie quality of late. Stick to the plain pies, either regular or... More

Pizza Club No. 6: Patsy's (East Harlem)

PIZZA CLUB NO. 6 AT PATSY'S Date: October 13 Time: 8 p.m. Location: 2287 First Ave. (b/n 117th/118th) Getting There: 6 train to 116th; walk east to First; turn right; walk 1.5 blocks up Payment: Cash only The Skinny: Slice's favorite coal-fired pizza in New York and one of Gotham's venerable pizza institutions Speaking of Pizza Club, Slice will be having a very special pizza club on the 13th. Why so special? Well, it's our one-year birthday. That's right, folks. Hard to believe isn't it? We know you can't imagine your life without Slice and yet we've only been... More

New Haven Pizza, Part Two: Sally's Apizza

dynamic duo Sally's Apizza and Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana were the two stops Slice made during the Pizza Club road trip to New Haven, Conn., on Saturday. Plenty of pizza was ordered from both venerable establishments. Above left is a large mozzarella pie from Sally's; above right, a large mozzarella pie (background) and a large white-clam pie (foreground) from Pepe's. Both pizzerias are so popular that lines form down the block, as can be seen below (Sally's left, Pepe's right). words by Adam K. :: photographs by Adam K. and Amanda G. | When last we left you, we... More

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