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Snapshots from Sunday's Slice Meet-Up

Yesterday we had a Slice meet-up for A) the heck of it and B) well, to celebrate Slice's 7-year anniversary (October 13, for those keeping score at home). We met at DBA bar in the afternoon with the idea that Slice would order some pies in and that Slice'rs would bring a pie (or pies) from their local fave — or even make one of their own — to share. After a slow start, a nice-size crowd showed up — about 16 total, with five pizzerias represented — Rosario's on the Lower East Side of Manhattan; Sam's of Cobble Hill,... More

Slice Pizza Club No. 8: The Report

Slice reader Conduit Design Group just asked how Pizza Club No. 8 went. So, without further delay, the quick rundown. Numero Ocho was scheduled for this past Sunday at Coney Island. Unfortunately, so was a crappy nor'easter. Girl Slice and I made our way to Totonno's anyway, just in case any stalwart readers made the trip. Nobody did. Oh well. It turned into a soggy private date for just us two. We knew the Cyclone would be closed, but we exited at the Surf Avenue end of the station (above) because we had to meet any prospective attendees at noon... More

Slice Pizza Club No. 8: Totonno's

DETAILS: April 15. 12:30 p.m. The Cyclone. Coney Island Well, folks, how long's it been? How long since Slice has convened a Pizza Club? I think Slice tried to organize one last year, but it wasn't an "official" club meeting and did not get a numbered designation in the annuls of Slice history. Anyway, Pizza Club No. 8 will occur at a familiar location: Totonno's in Coney Island, the site of Club No. 2 in April of 2004. Before throwing back some pizza, though, we're going to ride the Cyclone, as per Slice tradition.... More

Slice Pizza Club: 'Clonetonno's

The Cyclone has been ridden and the pizza has been eaten, and so spring begins for Slice. Earlier today, Seltzerboy and I were joined by five friends of Slice in a tradition he and I have shared since 2001, way back in the pre-Slice era. On hand for the coaster ride were Dan, Katie, Tien, and our Queens correspondent, Chito. We met up in front of the 'Clone, bought tickets ($5 a ride), and submitted our bodies for a little Jazz Age G-force testing.... More

Sac's Place Pizza

A DISPATCH FROM SLICE PIZZA CLUB NO. 3On the beautiful day that was last Saturday, Slice Pizza Club No. 3 convened at Sac's Place Pizza in Astoria. Five people sat down to lunch that afternoon, including this reporter, who also served as the lone representative of this publication. This is the story of what they ate.... More

Don't Forget: The Pizza Club Meets Tomorrow

Sac's Place Pizza + Bohemian Beer Garden Membership in the Slice Pizza Club is open to all those who simply show up. Details for Saturday's meet-up As always, look for this guy when you arrive. (He'll be wearing a Slice button on that same windbreaker.) About tomorrow's weather: Gosh-darn "isolated T-storms" are in the effin' forecast. But the Beer Garden will still be open and we'll still be going!... More

Slice Pizza Club No. 3: Some Pies Have All The Luck

Some pies get all the breaks. Case in point: Name all the coal-oven pizzerias in New York City ...Your list surely includes Lombardi's, (the East Harlem) Patsy's, John's, Totonno's, and Grimaldi's. But what about Sac's? Yes, Sac's. In Astoria. Never heard of it? We hadn't, either—not until a couple months ago. Which is odd, because a coal-fired oven is the holy grail of pizzadom in this town. So why is it that the legacy pizzerias get all the props while this Queens-based shop, located not more than two blocks off the busy Broadway stop on the N/W, doesn't get any?... More

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