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Daily Slice: Pini's Pizzeria, Somerville, Massachusetts

One of the biggest pizza gripes in Boston is that the Greek dominated piescape means no good thin slices around. Not true. Just outside of Somerville's Magoun Square is Pini's Pizza (try enunciating around children), located just next door to longtime, neighborhood dumpling favorite, Wang's (I know, I know). Over the years Pini's has had some dips in consistency, but a recent visit evidences a strong upswing—so you won't get shafted. More

Daily Slice: Leone's, Somerville, Massachusetts

One of the unsung heroes on Boston's Sicilian scene is the square slice from Leone's in Somerville. Unless you are willing to splurge for a half ($13) or whole ($26) sheet tray, then lunch is the time to hit the Winter Hill pizzeria. While Leone's offers some slices in the evening, you can't necessarily count on their availability and the variety is much more limited. The lunchtime counter is known to accommodate a half dozen or so varieties at a time. More

Daily Slice: LaRonga Bakery, Somerville, Massachusetts

Daily Slice gives a quick snapshot each weekday of a different slice or pie that the folks at the Serious Eats empire have enjoyed lately. A steady stream of Somerville men and women pass through the doors of LaRonga Bakery on Somerville Avenue, daily. It's a real neighborhood place (more like a deli inside than a bakery), where you go to buy hoagie rolls or a sub for lunch; there's nothing so high-falutin as a croissant. And while it is mostly sandwiches and clear bags of rolls that the stream of Somerville residents take home, it's their slices that bring... More

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