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Video: 'Pizza Hut Is Much More Awesome in Other Countries'

Zach "Midtown Lunch" Brooks writes: Knowing you, this was probably on Slice a million years ago — but just in case it wasn't, here you go :-) ------------------------------------------------------------ Actually, we've featured a lot of wacky pizza videos from Asia, but this is the first time this particular one, from South Korea, has crossed my desk. Thanks, Zach!... More

Snapshots from South Korea: Pizza Doughnut from Mister Donut

From May 8 to May 12 I visited Seoul for the first time, mostly to eat as much food as I could and learn about a cuisine I knew little about. I know I just wrote a post about Mister Donut, but that was about the doughnut I liked. Here's one that was less successful and strange enough to deserve its own post. As the story* goes, one day the chefs at Mister Donut headquarters thought, "Hey, why don't we make a doughnut that's pizza-flavored?" And enough people responded with, "I don't know; let's try it," that the Pizza Roll... More

Snapshots from South Korea: Grand Prix from Mr. Pizza, Korean Pizza 'Made for Women'

From May 8 to May 12 I visited Seoul for the first time, mostly to eat as much food as I could and learn about a cuisine I knew little about. "You have to try Mr. Pizza," said Dan, my primary Seoul eating guide for the week. "It's for women! ...And they use lots of crazy toppings." Hey, I'm female and I like crazy toppings! Apparently, Mr. Pizza was made just for me. (Why is it for women? Mary Eats provides some insight.) Actually, I lied; I don't like excessive crazy toppings. I like the idea of excessive crazy toppings... More

In Videos: Rain's South Korean Pizza Hut Commercial

Most Americans not familiar with South Korean pop culture probably know Rain--if at all--from The Colbert Report, where host Stephen Colbert has had a longstanding fake feud with the ultra-popular pop singer, dancer, model, and actor. (Rain topped Colbert in a 2007 Time magazine online reader poll of "100 Most Influential People.") Well, here's one more thing Rain has on Colbert--a Pizza Hut commercial. [The video, after the jump.]... More

10 Crazy Asian Pizzas

My idea of a pizza is rather basic: a flat round of dough covered in tomato sauce, dotted with mozzarella, and topped with a few basil leaves. But in the world of East Asian pizza chain pies, that would be some major weak-sauce pizza. More

Korean Shrimp Roll and Hot Dog Pizzas

Japan, I used to love you for your inventiveness—the way you took things from other cultures, tweaked them, and improved them. But you're slippin', babe. That Double Roll pizza you came up with? So kinō. Say annyong to two amazingly ostentatious pizzas that Pizza Hut South Korea has come up with (I don't know their names, so I'm just making them up here as I go along). Videos of the Korean commercials, after the jump.... More

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