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Stamford CT: Colony Grill, Awesome Bar-Style Pizza

Connecticut has a rich pizza tradition—mostly centered on New Haven. But there's a oft-celebrated gem in Stamford called Colony Grill that serves up some lean, mean bar-style pizza. It is well worth visiting if you are ever in the area—in fact I URGE YOU TO GO. Just be sure to order your pie with the signature hot oil topping. More

New(ish) Coal-Oven Pizzeria: Coalhouse Pizza, Stamford, Connecticut

[Photograph: Coalhouse Pizza] Lost in the holiday shuffle—this rundown on Eating in Translation of the pies on offer at recently opened Coalhouse in Stamford, Connecticut. As you can tell by the name, Coalhouse is another addition to the fast-growing legion of coal-oven pizza places nationwide. According to EiT's Dave Cook, the head pizza dude at Coalhouse came from just-closed Anselmo's in Red Hook, Brooklyn, a move that seems prescient now in retrospect. Coalhouse has been open since early November. It seems to serve pies that pay a nod to Connecticut pizza tradition—a cherrystone clam pie, a hot oil pie... More

OMG, WANT: Colony Grill Pizza, Stamford, Connecticut

Photograph from Writing With My Mouth Full Lately I've been putting links to non-Slice pizza reviews in the new(ish) Leftovers link roundups, but something about this photo of a Colony Grill pepperoni pie on Writing With My Mouth Full calls out for its own post to highlight it. Blogger cia_b spends much of her review dissing pizza in general—to the point that you fear the awesomeness of this photo will outstrip what she has to say about Colony. But at the last minute, she comes around and confirms what seems evident here: that the pizza here rocks. I have... More

Dear Slice: Ever Hear of Colony Pizza?

I'm a pizza fan, Brooklynite, and avid reader of Slice. I was wondering if you'd ever heard of the Colony in Stamford, Connecticut? My family has a long history with the Colony's pizza, and we're big fans. It's really thin — almost like a cracker — and very delicious. Anyway, we're making our annual pre-Easter trek to the Colony in a couple of days, and I'm thinking about putting a review of sorts on my blog. IF, that is, I decide to spread the word . . . It's already crowded enough! —Molly The word is out! Now you'll have... More

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