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Daily Slice: Fresh Mozzarella from Luigi's in Brooklyn

The fact that most of Luigi's pies come out above average, speaks for the dedication of this pizzeria. Still, the fresh mozzarella ($2.75) comes out on top with pocket change to spare. The crust of Luigi's number one is taut, its crunchy, uneven bottom yielding to a porous, chewy upper layer. Tiny bubbles pepper its air-pocketed edge, which shatters with the perfect crunch before giving way to a savory chew. More

Openings: Sliceria, Sunset Park

sliceriapizzeria.com Marcello Bucca and family have opened Sliceria in Sunset Park. Per Eater, the place is officially open. Per Grub Street New York, it's selling one of those crazy hot dog–topped slices. Oy! Mr. Bucca's cousin serves as the weekday pizzaiolo, while his wife pulled weekend pie-making duties. Says Bucca, "We felt that Sunset Park lacked a modern, cool pizza joint and wanted to bring a new choice to Brooklynites. Also—there aren't that many women making pizza in town." Slices are $1 and 18-inch pies go for $8. You can't beat that. Sliceria 6016 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11220... More

Papa John's Invades Neighborhood Pizzeria's Turf

In a move that reflects local food and national trends and the de-evolution of the foodscape, Papa John's is opening a store in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, right next door to a beloved local pizzeria, Johnny's: "This is the best pizza in the area," said Roger Ramos, a postal worker who grew up nearby. "Papa John's is just generic. Why are they coming here? Greed? I don't know." "If we get short on cheese or tomatoes, we go to him or he comes to us," said Gino Campese, the owner of Scotti's Pizza. "When it's time to raise prices, we get... More

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