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'Slice of Brooklyn' on The Travel Channel

Meredith Smith 8 comments

Tony Muia, of A Slice of Brooklyn pizza tours, is starring in a new show on The Travel Channel that premieres tonight at 10pm. The show will follow Tony and his "consiglieri" (pictured above) as they highlight the food and history of their neighborhood and defend their turf against the threat of larger tour companies. More

Video: Homer Feeds His Stomach Pizza

Meredith Smith 2 comments

The last line of this clip is exactly what the kind of thing I used to love about the Simpsons. And the fact that the whole scene is set in a bathroom? WTF?! And what exactly did Homer use to draw those eyes around his nipples? Mascara? More

Video: Conan Kinda Learns to Make Pizza at Joe's

Meredith Smith 2 comments

The Pizza Toss and Uncut Party Pizza in 'Breaking Bad' (aka Venezia's Pizza)

Adam Kuban 18 comments

Carey Jones posted a Daily Slice yesterday from Saggios in Albuquerque. Which prompted some discussion in the comments about the famous pizza-tossing scene in Breaking Bad.* I'm happy the discussion went there, because it now gives me an excuse to post these videos. More

'Kitchen Nightmares' Gets 'Sliced' by Damon Gambuto Tonight

Damon Gambuto 7 comments

I'm mostly known around here as the LA burger guy on A Hamburger Today. It's true, I am a burger devotee, but if you are asking me what food I cherish the most, the answer is easy: pizza. It is my first and greatest food love, and that's saying something. My favorite things in this life? A girl from Texas, my family, and then pizza. More

Is There Really a Terrific Authentic Nick's Pizza in NYC?

Adam Kuban 11 comments

If you're watching Castle on ABC tonight you might be wondering, Is there really an Authentic Nick's in NYC? The answer is no. There's no Authentic Nick's. Nor is there an Authentic Terrific Nick's or a Terrific Authentic Nick's. More

Video: Pizza Pie Maker on 'What's My Line'

Adam Kuban 3 comments

You yunguns may not know the show What's My Line? (heck, even an old coot like me is too young to have seen this show during its run), but it was a '50s–'60s game show in which a celebrity panel tried to guess the occupation (the line of work) of a series of guests.

In the clip above, which aired on November 23, 1958, Barbara Harding is a "pizza pie maker."


Pizza TV: Travel Channel's 'Food Wars' Pits Grimaldi's Against John's of Bleecker

Adam Kuban 9 comments

Oh, boy. This week the Travel Channel will be airing an episode of Food Wars that pits Grimaldi's against John's of Bleecker. Above is a preview video. There are probably some nits to pick, primarily that the host says "San Marzano tomatoes, in Italy it's the only kind of tomato they're allowed to use by law." I hardly doubt that. I'm sure she got the whole certified DOP/VPN stuff confused. But it's TV — they're always starting trouble ;) Looks like it'll be worth a watch. They've got friend of Slice Mark Bello of Pizza a Casa as one... More

Paulie Gee to Make TV Appearance

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 10 comments

Word is that Paulie Gee will be featured on the Cooking Channel on Mo Rocca's show Food(ography), in an episode focusing on outdoor cooking. Paulie Gee appears as the host of a pizza tasting, using his back-yard oven at his home in New Jersey. Dates and times here: cookingchanneltv.com/foodography/cooking-with-firebbq/index.html... More

Video: Pizza Hunt on 'Kell on Earth'

Adam Kuban 2 comments

Warning. This is a waste of about 4 minutes. Think before clicking play, because you can never get that time back. I'm only posting here in the interest of Total Pizza Information Awareness. I didn't even know this show, Kell on Earth, existed until Tia of Bionic Bites @tweeted us about it to our @slice account. Thanks, Tia. (I think.) I guess what's happening is that two of fashion PR flack Kelly Cutrone's employees are having a "pizza hunt" of some sort. They go to Lombardi's, John's, and Bleecker Street Pizza. I'll save you the trouble: John's wins. Seems... More

Video: Di Fara's Fame Spreads to Brazil

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 1 comment

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got a dispatch that seems to have been sitting in the inbox far too long. But here it is nonetheless. A missive from longtime reader Makanmata. Adam,I thought your readers might be interested to know that Dom's well deserved fame has now spread to Brazil.Walking down the street in Rio de Janeiro last week, my eye was caught by a pizza appearing on a television playing above a juice bar that I happened to be passing by. I quickly realized that it wasn't just any pizza, but a DiFara pie—and a wide shot... More

Video: Stephen Colbert Salutes Domino's for Admitting Its Pizza Is Gross

Chain Pizza Adam Kuban 1 comment

"Now, the company that brought you the Philly Cheesesteak Pizza, the Cali-Chicken-Bacon-Ranch Pizza, and the Oreo Pizza, has a radical new product: pizza that is pizza." Related Domino's New Pizza Recipe: What Does It Taste Like? We Try It! » Video: The Making of Domino's New Recipe Pizza » Domino's Changes Core Recipe »... More

On TV Tonight: Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour's Tony Muia

Adam Kuban Post a comment

ABC7's segment on Tony Muia's "Christmas and Cannoli" pizza tour. Tony Muia, who runs the Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour, will be on the Travel Channel tonight at 9 p.m. ET as part of a "Christmas in New York" special. While it doesn't sound like he'll be talkin' pizza, he will be escorting the host to Dyker Heights to see its locally famous over-the-top Christmas-light display as part of his Christmas and Cannoli Tour. It'll be followed by dinner at Tomasso's Ristorante for the traditional Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes. If you live in New York City,... More

Dom DeMarco, Di Fara to be featured on new TLC show 'Craving Comfort'

Adam Kuban 8 comments

Di Fara proprietor Dom DeMarco is filmed for a local New York City news channel. He and the pizzeria will be featured on the premiere of TLC's "Craving Comfort" program. [Photograph: syphlix on Flickr] Brooklyn pizza-maker Dom DeMarco and his pizzeria, Di Fara, will be featured in the premiere episode of the new TLC series Craving Comfort when it debuts next year. According to the TLC press release, Craving Comfort "explores the obsessions, triumphs, and secrets behind some of America's favorite comfort foods." It will be hosted by chef Art Smith. I haven't seen a definite date on the... More

Video: 30 Rock's Devon Banks on Cold Pizza the Morning After

Adam Kuban 2 comments

On 30 Rock last night, Devon Banks (Will Arnett) returns to plot his revenge against Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin). A heated(?) exchange ensues about cold, morning-after pizza and hot, hot pizza: Devon: You know, revenge is a dish best served cold, Jack. Like sashimi ... or pizza.Jack: You prefer cold pizza?Devon: The morning after? It's the best.Jack: Better than hot pizza? That's insane.Devon: You don't tell me what kind of pizza to like. You don't tell me anything anymore, Jack! Another weird TV pizza reference: Doctor Who Tries to Call U.N.I.T., Dials Pizza Geronimo by Mistake... More

Video: Crispycones Pizza Cone on 'Colbert Report'

Adam Kuban Post a comment

Crispycones appeared on the October 15, 2009, Colbert Report. Stephen gives it both a Tip of the Hat and a Wag of the Finger for being too easy to eat. The cone-shaped treat solves an age-old problem—namely the difficultly inherent in eating a slice of pizza. And, hah! The Crispycones website has embedded the Colbert video. [via Eat Me Daily] Pizza Cones Ad Nauseam Pizza in a Cone: Crispycones Pizza in a Cone: Kornet Pizza Pizza Cones Make U.S. Debut in K.C. Mall... More

'The Best Thing I Ever Ate' Pizza Episode

Adam Kuban 17 comments

The Pizza Rosa from Pizzeria Bianco is the best (pizza) thing that food writer John T. Edge has even eaten. Philip G. (aka Prairie) calls our attention to the Food Network's Best Thing I Ever Ate episode on pizza, breaking down the list for us: Ted Allen: Graziella's, Brooklyn, Pizza Arugula and Parmesan Duff Goldman: Gino's East, Chicago, Sausage-Patty Style Marc Summers: Osteria, Philadelphia Margherita pizza Tyler Florence: Serious Pie, Seattle, chanterelle and truffle pizza... More

Slice Mentioned on 'Good Day LA'

Adam Kuban 5 comments

Slice was apparently featured on Good Day LA this morning during the "Maria Surfs the Web" segment. Thanks to Maria Quiban for the shout out. Greetings to any new folks in Los Angeles who may have found us via KTTV Fox 11. (And just so nobody gets bent out of shape here, the videos Ms. Quiban actually shows in her segment were videos Slice embedded via Food Network Humor and Stephanie Izard's Tasty Life.) Update (7/14/2009): As has been pointed out below and on Food Network Humor, my tone above comes off as pretty damn flip—that's not what I... More

Couch Potato Alert

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 3 comments

Tomorrow morning on the Today show: segments on America's best pizza. 7 a.m. ET, NBC... More

In Videos: Jamie Pugh, Pizza Delivery Driver, Wows Audience and Judges on 'Britain's Got Talent'

Adam Kuban Post a comment

In another knock-your-socks-off moment on Britain's Got Talent, part-time pizza delivery driver Jamie Pugh conquered stage fright to floor the audience and judges with his rendition of "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables. Prior to Saturday night's performance the story on Pugh was that he had a crippling case of stage fright. The 37-year-old from Blackwood, Wales, auditioned for last season's show but couldn't muster the courage to even sing for a producer. But Wales Online reports that that's not even the half of it. Pugh's triumphant performance (judge Simon Cowell even seems to almost well up a bit... More

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